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Garret Pointer Package Deal

Garret Pointer Package Deal

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The Garrett AT II Pinpointer and Finds Bag Combo Deal is a match made in heaven for any avid treasure hunter or metal detector enthusiast.

Featuring the advanced Garrett AT II Pinpointer, this compact and highly accurate device is designed to locate and pinpoint buried treasures with precision.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and adjustable sensitivity settings, the Garrett AT II Pinpointer effortlessly locates metallic objects in even the most challenging terrains. With its waterproof capabilities, you can dive into rivers, lakes, or search in rainy conditions, ensuring nothing stands between you and your next exciting discovery.

  • “Made in the USA”
  • The warranty period, 36-months
  • Australian warranty & servicing
  • Australian stock

But that's not all - this combo deal also includes a high-quality finds bag, providing you with the perfect storage solution for your newfound treasures. Made from durable and lightweight materials, the finds bag offers ample space to store your valuable finds, ensuring they stay secure and organized during your treasure hunting adventures.

Whether you're a seasoned detectorist or just starting out, the Garrett AT II Pinpointer and Finds Bag Combo Deal is the ideal investment for enhancing your treasure hunting capabilities. Unleash your inner explorer, discover hidden relics, and unearth the unknown with ease.

Why wait? Take advantage of this unbeatable bundle today and revolutionize your treasure hunting experience. Order the Garrett AT II Pinpointer and Finds Bag Combo Deal now and embark on endless quests for buried treasures like never before!

Garret Pro Pointer RRP $269.00

Garrett Camo Finds Pouch RRP $25.00

Garrett Keeper Box RRP $24.00

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