Collection: Gold Metal Detectors

We Carry the Best Gold Detectors on the Planet from Minelab, Garret, XP and NOKTA. Pulse induction, VLF or Multi frequency, choose your machine from our extensive range.

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Unravelling the Mysteries of Gold Detection:

 One of the hardest explanations in the store is why one machine is called a GOLD Metal Detector while others are considered treasure or coin machines and may not be suited to gold. Aren't they all Metal Detectors?

You are spot on, in that any metal detector will pick up a piece of gold as it is metal. But define a piece of gold!

Gold comes in all shapes and sizes, from tiny pieces that barely register on the scale to large chunks that can change your life. And that's just the nuggets!

Don't forget gold also comes in Coins, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets and so on. So when we talk GOLD we first need to decide what sort of gold we want to find.

That's where the difference comes in.

When your looking for manmade gold items like jewellery, your essentially looking for larger targets that weigh at least a gram and most times are a lot heavier than that. Your also looking for these in places that are not affected so much by ground mineralisation.

So VLF and Multi Frequency machines fit the bill perfectly.

If your looking for gold Nuggets in the Natural Environment where gold is found, then that's when you will appreciate that a $2000 and a $8000 machine provide very different results.

The High end gold machines are Still metal detectors! They are just so much better at uncovering those super tiny and super DEEP targets that the VLF and Multi's miss in Highly Mineralise ground.

Pulse induction machines cost a lot more, but when your looking for gold, as mentioned, you'll appreciate the difference very quickly.

For a full explanation on Gold (Pulse Induction) machines versus VLF (Very Low frequency) including multi frequency machines, read this blog article that explains the difference in more detail.

Below are the machines we recommend when people are choosing Gold Nuggets as their primary target for metal Detecting. Get in touch if you need further info or to put together a package deal for you.