What Metal Detecting and Prospecting means to you.

What Metal Detecting and Prospecting means to you.

Metal Detecting and prospecting means different things to different people, we all have our own reasons for participating.

Our Hobby is constantly under attack from different groups as they get us mixed up with Mining. We are NOT Miners, but hobbiests that enjoy the outdoors and having a scratch in the dirt for shiny stuff.

We are often misunderstood and the powers that be NEVER get to hear from actual prospectors and detectorists about what the Hobby means to them.

We are talking about the Unseen benefits to Mental Well being, Health, Tourism, Small town economies and more. Its time these people learnt about the massive benefits that can be gained by letting us do our thing freely.

It's about gathering a ground swell of stories that we can show to the Authorities and the decision makers to try and get us access to more area's to get out there and enjoy the Australian Bush.

We want to show that prospecting and metal detecting is a benefit to both those that participate and those that live in Area's that are suitable for gold based tourism.

Well we want to hear those reasons and Once a month we will Draw a prizepack from those that shared below.

Simply Leave a comment on this Post and explain in as few or as many words as you like what it means to be able to you to go prospecting or metal detecting.
What benefits you gain and maybe even what you believe you bring to the communities you visit.

Let's show the people that make decisions WHY we do what we do.


P.S it is also very Important that you join your local prospecting association.
This gives us Numbers to work with and with all things political numbers count for a lot!




Membership is pretty cheap and you are Helping fund the fight for better rights for YOU.

Join Today.

PLEASE Just your stories on this post, its all about sending a Positive message.

Comments are moderated so allow 24 Hours for them to show up. Thanks

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I have something exciting to wake up to everyday because of detecting.. i suffered from depression and lost motivation and eill to get up everyday until i fell head first in love with this new hobby id found, i was born and raised in a village called Ellalong in the Hunter Valley NSW. Over the yrs I had learnt about the history of the town both before and after colonisation, it has such rich heritage. This interest of finding out more and making discoveries connects me to my community, grounds my sense of self and gives me pride about the place i belong. I love contributing in positive ways such as picking up the rubbish i find, engaging with others and soaking up the natural mountain ranges fresh air and bush settings.

Zoe-Lee Sweeny

I have been detecting since 2013 i started with an unknown detector at the time called an xp deus along my journey of metal detecting i have met so many great people that i have learnt more and more about this great hobby.I suffered a major injury in 2015 and it was great that using the metal detector helped with the rehab on my shoulder rebuilding the strength up.Nowdays i detect for pure relaxation on land and underwater i Am still learning this craft and still meeting lots of great people.A lot of the detectorist shops really promote this hobby not just sell u equipment

craig vallett

I have been prospecting and detecting to some degree for 20+ years, I enjoys finding hidden treasures from the past be it man made or natural , it is my ‘ go to ‘ space and time , refreshing the mind and encouraging me to learn more about our past . Along with the treasures also comes the trash , knowing I am cleaning the environment from the trash that can’t normally be seen by most is also enjoyable to a degree as I feel not many ‘cleaners’ can remove trash as well as a detectorist can , nature in all its beauty (visible or not) needs to be kept the best it can so my children and show their children what ‘pop’ used to do .

Matti hahn

Detecting is more than just a hobby.

It’s therapy.
It’s socialising.
It’s excersise.
It’s research.
It’s recovery.
It’s preservation.
It’s knowledge.
It’s reunion.

It’s probably a whole lot more to a whole lot of people.

Detecting means I have a reason to get off the couch and go outside.

Detecting gives me goals.

Detecting means I get to meet people and learn about the history of places.

Detecting means I get to be someone’s personal hero for 5 minutes after I find some precious item they just lost.

Detecting means they don’t grieve for the loss of said item.

Detecting means I have something to give to my community.

Detecting has a real value. It’s not just digging holes in the ground.


Prospecting for gold and or metal detecting for coins and relics is a great pass time to have, enjoying the outdoors and keeping fit and healthy is a number 1 priority for our family. Not to mention the huge satisfaction of either finding a piece of gold that has never seen the light of day, or finding an old relic that has been unearthed after being hidden away for over 100 years!

Luca Torresan

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