XP Service and Warranty

Dear Detectorist,

XP Deus Australia Warranty Issues and the best course of Action to take.

We are pleased to announce that an Australian XP Deus Warranty Centre is NOW Open. Any warranty Issues can be sorted out locally for you.

 Sometimes things go pear shaped and you'll need to make a claim under the terms of your XP Deus Warranty. It's unfortunate but let's get you back in the field FAST, here is what to do if you need to make a warranty claim.

  1. Contact Justin (Clegy) as soon as you identify a problem or potential problem. Either use the phone number at top left or use the contact us page. Please send your phone number, it is much quicker if we just have a chat about what's happening.
    - 99% of problems so far.... have been able to be sorted without the need to send in equipment, so don't panic if something goes wrong Just get in touch ASAP.

  2. If your equipment needs to be returned you will be sent a replacement part so you are not out of the field waiting for repairs to be carried out. 
    If your 9 Inch coil Fails, then you'll have another 9 Inch coil sent to you, all you need to do is provide the tracking number to show you have sent the faulty part back.

  3. Get on with your life and Detecting, you keep the replacement part, we have the broken one repaired or replaced and it is placed into the warranty centre for the next time it is needed.
  4. If you require replacement parts camlock clips or remote holder clips, there is a stock of these on the shelf and they can be mailed to you very fast. 
By Providing you with a replacement part, rather than having you wait for the problem to be solved your back in the field FAST and the problem is quickly passed onto XP to solve.

NO waiting for post each way and repair time, in most cases users can return to the field with little down time.

Please Note: The XP Circuitry is very specialised and I have all repairs done at the factory in France. That is why I send you a replacement part, so your not waiting for that process to occur.

The Aim is to provide you with Industry Leading service that you would expect owning a higher end Detector. All problems are dealt with very fast and because your dealing directly with the decision maker there is no delay while we "Consult" with others.

Rest Assured that if you own a Deus and Live in Australia we have your Warranty issues and service issues covered.

Please get in touch as soon as you think something is not right, that way we can get it sorted without it developing into a complete disaster. As Mentioned 99% of problems can be solved very easily and quickly.

If you have questions please ask them.

Happy Hunting,

Kindest Regards

Justin Cleghorn
Authorised XP Detectors Distributor Australia.

P.S For any warranty issue on any of the products on Detectorist.com.au Just get in touch as soon as you notice a problem.