Tyger Stainless Stand up Digging Tool - the Digger

Tyger Stainless Steel

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The Tyger Stainless Steel "Digger" Stand up digger has a Longer T-Shaped handle for superior leverage and ease of use.

Measuring in at about the 81 Cm In Total Length with a wider, 13cm, blade that has been extended to 18cm in length to allow you to dig larger plugs at greater depth.

The T-shaped handle of the Digger is perfect for two handed use and to gain leverage when cutting your plug, the large guard between the handle and the blade allows for a second leverage point using your Foot.

Double edge serrated blades make grass and small root cutting a Breeze.

Just place downward pressure on the t-handle, with your foot on the guard and wobble the digger backwards and forwards, it slides into the ground perfectly. 

For best results cut your plugs 3 sided and gently fold back. Once the target is retrieved the plug should be able to be leveraged back, covering the hole.

The use of a towel or sheet for loose dirt is recommended to leave a ZERO footprint. 

The Tyger Digger is an ideal tool for those that find they get hand pain from conventional style diggers. The ability to dig standing up and leverage with your foot makes the "Digger" an ideal tool for all purpose use.

Team This Up with the Tyger CUB for the down on your knees work and you will ahve all your digging desires fulfilled. Well the digging tool bit anyway. :) 

INCREASE Your recovery Rate
DECREASE your Footprint.
SAVE Your Spine.

Grab a quality Australian Handmade Digging Tool.

Tyger Stainless Steel Stand up digger

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