Which Coil do I choose for my New Xp Deus?

Which Coil do I choose for my New Xp Deus?

With the release of the XP Deus High frequency coils the most versatile metal detector in Australia just got more... well... Versatile. But which coil should you start with?

This is where a lot of confusion lies with the XP deus range. Which coil should you buy in your starter pack?

Now your going to end up with more than one coil at some stage. WHY?

Because the XP Deus gets updated for free so you won't be buying another detector and you'll find you'll want one of the specialty coils as soon as you work out what you like to find the most.

Let me explain the coils and hopefully by the end you'll have a brilliant understanding of which coil(s) to go with.

 The 9 Inch (22.5cm) ROUND Coil (Black in Colour)

Frequencies available 4,8,12 and 18Khz


This is the original coil that the XP deus came out with when it was launched.

The 9 Inch coil is the one that is mostly widely used in the field. It is a coin and relic coil and with frequencies between 4 and 18khz. It is a superb all round coil if you are mainly a coin shooter and relic hunter.

The coil is FAST and separates trash from treasure Better than any other Detector. It excels in trashy sites whether they modern high conductive trash or the older iron infested sites.

With Practice this coil will allow you to cherry pick the trashiest park with ease and is so light you can swing it all day long with literally no fatigue.

RECOMMENDATION: This is the coil to choose if your a coinshooter that likes to hunt the very trashy areas, It is what I would call the SPECIALIST Coin and relic coil for the XP deus.
 Go this way if you are looking for a specialist coin and relic Killer that will cover you in 99.9% of cases, Including the beach. Not the most effective Saltwater wet sand hunter but nowhere near the worst either.

The 11 Inch (28cm) ROUND Coil (Black in Colour)
Frequencies available 4,8,12 and 18Khz


This is where most people get stuck, 9 or 11 inch Black coil? It will come down to where you hunt.

If you just read the 9 inch coil bit and thought "That sounds Like me!" but you primarily hunt OPEN areas where there is little to get in the way of the coil. Think open park lands, Farm fields, big dry sand areas, etc.

If you hunt the bush where sticks, grass tufts, logs and other assorted items get in the way go for the 9 Inch!

The 11 inch will give you a slight depth advantage and of course cover more ground.

It is still VERY Fast and can work the trash areas very well, in fact the difference between target separation for the 9 and 11 inch coils is very minimal, they both kill it.

RECOMMENDATION: Go the 11 inch Black coil if your a coinshooter/relic hunter that mainly works the wide open flat areas. You'll cover about 25% more ground than the 9 inch and punch a little deeper.
However this coil is hard work in the bush and where obstacles are in the way. I NEVER use this coil in any bush setting, it just gets hung up on sticks etc all the time and is harder to jam under loges, grass tufts etc. But thats just me.

 The 13 x 11 Inch (34cm x 28cm) ELLIPTICAL Coil (Black in Colour)

Frequencies available 4,8,12 and 18Khz

This is the biggest coil for the Deus, It is NOT available in a starter pack but i'll give you a quick run down of it just in case.

Its a big coil for the lightweight Deus, Its still stupid light compared with other machines but the mounting point is placed a little too far back and it is very TOE heavy.

There are mounting blocks that can be used to bring it forward and balance it better and I have even heard of it being used backwards to bring the weight closer to the body for less fatigue.

RECOMMENDATION: You would really only need this coil if you need to cover masses of ground fast, Like trying to beat the machine that cleans the beach.

It is still a FAST coil and covers a lot of ground but really it is a bit of an indulgence to own one unless your a mad beach hunter then it is a must have for the kit.

Now we move into the 2 newer coils for the XP Deus. The High frequency (HF) coils. There are 2 of them and I have been using both for about 6 months at the time of writing this.

These coils changed the way I think about the Deus, but read the quick run downs and you will see what I mean.

 The 9 Inch (22.5cm) ROUND High Frequency Coil (WHITE in Colour)

Frequencies available 15, 30, 55

Number 1 the frequencies are widely adjustable and you have 7 shifts of each one at up to about 1Khz per shift.
So you can run this coil as low as 13khz Think ATMAX.
This puts the coil in a pretty good place for the coinshooter and with ability to run it up to over 55khz, you'll be an excellent chance in the goldfields as well.

It handles hot soil pretty well for a VLF and the best tip is to not get stuck running in program 10 on the goldfields, Just run it like a coinshooter but on high frequencies and dig every NON Iron target.

I am finding that this is probably the most versatile coil in the entire XP Deus range and it Kills it in the trashy parks and is an honest gold hunter as well, all without changing the coil.

It LOVES the little stuff and many reports are coming in that this soil is opening up old ground again as it simply finds stuff other Metal detectors cannot locate.

RECOMMENDATION: Get this coil as soon as you can if you a bit of an allrounder or serious coinshooter that doesn't mind doing an area a few times on very different frequencies to get EVERYTHING.
Probably the best STARTER coil for those just getting into the hobby or for the NEW Deus owners that can't stretch to the deuce pack with both coils.

This coil will satisfy your every detecting whim and you can get the 9 inch black coil later if you want to really concentrate on coin and relic.

Remember you won't ever buy another VLF machine so owning a couple of coils is inevitable as you'll need something to spend those goldies on.

The 9.5 X 5  Inch (24cm x 12.5cm ) Elliptical High Frequency Coil (WHITE in Colour)

Frequencies available 15, 30, 80

This extremely sensitive waterproof coil operates on a wide range of frequencies 13 to 15 kHz, 26 to 31kHz, 68 to 81kHz.

Being Narrow it also handles the very hot soil extremely well for a VLF Metal detector. On the highest KHZ Settings it misses NOTHING made of metal and will find the tiniest particles. Which is kinda perfect if your a gold detectorist.

This coil is the GOLD Specialist coil. With the XP Deus V4 software it is very easy to balance and to run in hotter soil conditions. It does take a little getting used to but like anything Deus once you have it down there is none better.

Again don't get caught up running program 10 with this coil, in Fact I run program 10 and program 9 side by side when gold hunting. Each program compliments the other and between the 2 of them you don't get many wrong.
Its a one second button push to change between the 2 so you can do it a thousand times a day and not lose any time re-tuning your machine. Just balance and go.

Quite simply I LOVE this little coil, and on the lower end (15khz) it is quite the coin weapon as well. BUT you loose some depth over the round coils, so don't expect to hit pennies at 12 inches with the little coil, it probably won't happen. But any thrip within 6 inches is probably going into your finds bag.

RECOMMENDATION: Get this coil if your a gold hunter looking to add a VLF to the arsenal or if you're a coinshooter that has a few serious hacks at the gold each year. Quite simply it is a dream coil to use and once you learn it you'll have very high confidence in your machine when you hit the hot ground.

Well that's the 5 Coils in a nutshell, I hope it helps make the decision a little easier.

If you can go for the DEUCE pack and grab a white and black coil, that way you'll have every base covered and covered well. You will have the tools to out hunt just about every other detector available today. Once you learn the machine!

 For those looking at coins ONLY look towards the Black coils, they will reward you more in that environment and the ability to go as low as 4khz means you can really punch deep when you need to.

For those that are Halfway or do a bit of both gold hunting and coin shooting look toward the white round coil, it's the most versatile and if you can only have one coil I would probably get this one.

Gold hunters go directly to the elliptical, don't even look at the black ones unless you have a hidden coin shooting desire down the track. Its a GOLD coil plain and simple and this is where it operates the best in my opinion. 

In Conclusion the XP Deus offers versatility above all and will out perform most machines in most places with minimal changing of settings etc.

Throw in the UNDER 1 kilo in weight, Rechargeable components, 5 year warranty and local support when you need it then the XP deus is hard to go past if your looking to buy a VLF detector.

The fact that the software upgrades are FREE for life mean that the XP deus will probably be the LAST VLF machine you ever buy. No more selling the old one and hoping to get a good price so you can fund the latest toy from the other manufacturers.

At Xp you get the best we have upfront and when we do make it better in the future we give you that for FREE so you don't have to keep shelling out for new machines. You can buy more coils instead..... or take the other out for dinner?

Yeah I'd buy a coil too LOL, I would leave enough for a Maccas feed though.

Happy Hunting and if you need anything answered please dial my number and ask, you'll always get honest advice and if I don't think the deus is for you I'll tell you.





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This can’t get any simpler, I was struggling with which and why, now really clear thanks, just bought my Deus and looking forward to complimenting with a new shite coil
Thanks again


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