Is it Time to Update your Current metal Detector?

Is it Time to Update your Current metal Detector?

So you have had your current metal Detector for a while and your thinking "maybe it's time to upgrade?" But what do you upgrade to? 

We talk to a lot of detectorists in the shop, Online and on the phone, it's our job, so that's to be expected. LOL 

But what it allows us to do is to gauge the general feeling of customers and of people making enquiries. It gives you a pretty good idea of what the general detecting market wants in a Metal Detector.

For example about 3 years Ago Multi Frequency hit the market, Now when we talk to people about upgrading machines, the first thing they want is multi frequency. WHY? Because that's the latest and all the research will point you that way. Fair enough.

Second people wanted waterproof, even though many had no plan to go in the water. It's a security thing. "I don't plan on getting wet, but hey you never know" is a common theme in the shop.
Again Fair enough

Lastly ergonomics started to matter, it didn't used to so much as many detectorists sacrificed their arms and elbows to swing the latest machine. Detectors started getting heavy again for a while there.
Weight Matters, as does size because in 2022, storage space matters.

So in summary we see that about 75-80% of customers want these 3 boxes ticked before they will even consider buying the machine.

Right let's get back to upgrading.

Decision 1:
Have I truly rung every bit of performance out of my Current machine?

We say this a lot and it costs us a fortune in the shop, but it needs to be said.
Ask yourself, have you truly given the current machine a thorough kicking? Have you learnt the machine and all it's capabilities yet?

One handy thing to do before you upgrade is take a look through your current machines manual again. You might find a few toys you forgot about and it's like owning a new machine with that knowledge.

So BEFORE you upgrade, have a little re-training session and see what you may have missed, both in the manual and in the ground.

Decision 2:

Small step or giant leap?

This can and often is Driven by budget. If you have been stashing those $2 coins away for a while you'll be surprised how quick they add up. So if your not stashing them for the next upgrade or equipment purchase start now.

We see a good % of people looking to take a little step up in their detecting game. So maybe going from a machine that isn't waterproof to one that is for example. Its a very common request instore.

But let's be honest here, most people want to go to the top of the tree if they can and sometimes that requires a giant leap. Sometimes that means starting from scratch and re-learning a machine that is totally foreign to you.

Dare I say it, sometimes we need to go backwards a step in order to move forwards. Yep learning a brand new machine can be scary, but the long term benefits can be very fruitful.

Do you stick with the familiar or do you step out of the box and try something different? It's hard for some people.

Decision 3:

This isn't a decison really because if you're really wanting then best advice then you need to do this.

Call or visit a detecting shop and talk to someone about what your looking for. Most shops carry more than one brand so you can get some advice that isn't specific or Bias to one particular manufacturer.

Remember sometimes what suits others won't suit you or your hunting style. Leave your options open and buy the detector that best suits you and your style.

Lastly what do you upgrade to? 

What machine are you going to buy next?

Will you take the Giant leap?

Coin and relic users, if your looking to go to the top of your game then there are 2 choices in my Opinion. I have looked at others and as far as I can see these 2 are the pinnacle fo the coin/relic/beach scene in Australia.

Minelab CTX 3030
-Runs FBSII (Its more than one frequency, but not multi as we know it as such)
-Its waterproof to 3 meters
-Its pretty ergonomic for its size and certainly punches deep

Details HERE

CTX 3030 Metal Detector

XP Deus II
-Runs Fast Multi Frequency.
-Is Waterproof to 20 Meters 
-Is Extremely ergonomic at Just 880 grams in total weight.

Details here.

For the Gold Folk there are really only 2 Options as this manufacturer is way ahead in the goldfields.

Minelab GPX 6000
- A super lightweight Pulse machine that runs the NEW Geosense Pulse Induction from minelab. Simply put this machine does most of the thinking for you.
Perfect for the switch on and go brigade and amazingly effective.

Details Here


Minelab GPZ 7000
- The beast! This machine takes a little to get going, but experienced Zed owners find gold consistantly. It has more overall longterm potential than the 6000 and with the 19 inch coil certainly has a depth advantage.
Add the 12 inch Nugget finder for even better balance and sensitivity.

Details here.



It doesn't matter if you upgrade a little way, Upgrade a LOT or even stick with your current machine and re-learn it.

Either way you'll have a better time out detecting with renewed confidence, a good attitude and big smile and these are the most imortant things when buying anything.

Walk away happy, see your local detector shop or ring one up if they are not in the area. Mail order is easy in 2022.

Take care and happy Hunting.

If you need some advice please call the store, we are happy to assist even if we don't supply the detector you choose.

Aussie detectorists mission is simply to get as many people as possible into the CORRECT machines for them.

0467 614 701

Mon-Fri 9-5 and Staurdays till 2pm.

Happy Hunting and take care.

Aussie Detectorist.

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