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XP Deus Hip Mount Accessory for Remote Unit.

XP Deus Hip Mount Accessory for Remote Unit.

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Truly the Lightest Detector around Just got lighter!

Take off the remote control unit and if you need to take it with you to adjust those finer settings, then clip it on your belt so it's ready to go in a moments notice.

Handy Flip out style means you simply fold the holder open to look at or adjust the remote settings. Fold it back up onto your belt and away you go.

NEVER Suffer fatigued due to your detectors weight again, with the remote on your belt your swinging LESS THAN 900 GRAMS!

XP Deus Hipmount for remote unit

Safe and sound on your hip, don't risk accidental damage to your remote unit.
Grab your Genuine XP Deus Hip Mount today.

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