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XP Water Kit Cable for XP Deus Metal Detector - Antenna Kit

XP Water Kit Cable for XP Deus Metal Detector - Antenna Kit

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Aerial antenna (Water Kit) for total immersion of DEUS

When its Just too nice a day to stay dry, get amongst the treasure few people go after and take your dues into the drink.

The aerial extender (Waveguide) allows a perfect radio link between the coil and the remote control under water

The Wave guide is a purpose built clip designed to fit over the cover on the same side as the battery terminals on the coil.
This will come as a kit of parts enabling you to position fittings on stem, headphones or remote control. It includes a thin coaxial cable, 3 plastic supports allowing for different positions, and 3 rings to clip the other end of the aerial antenna onto the search coil.

We only stock Kit C as it is the most versatile.

  • Kit C: cable 250cm + volume control + waterproof Armband incorporating waterproof earphones.

XP Deus wire antenna kit for underwater use

Don't let a little water get between you and the best finds, take the Deus into the water.
Grab your Deus Aerial Antenna Kit Today.

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