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Wire sieve-classifier Multiple sizes

Wire sieve-classifier Multiple sizes

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Strong Plastic sided Classifier/sieve with steel mesh.

These fit perfectly over a 20 litre Bucket and come in 3 sizes.

1/4 Inch (approx 6mm)

1/8 Inch (Approx 3mm)

1/12 Inch (Approx 2mm)

By Classifying your material you can make it much easier to run down your sluice or highbanker.

It also Helps if your transporting material as you can get rid of a lot of heavy rock and NON gold bearing material. Meaning the buckets you do have to carry have more of the good stuff in them

See, its all about efficiently cleaning dirt.

Grab Your New Sieve today or search for the full blown 5 pack set.

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