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The German-Australian called Holtermann - Book

The German-Australian called Holtermann - Book

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3rd Edition By Malcolm Drinkwater

Paperback - 134 Pages

First published in 1985 to commemorate 100 years since Holtermann died and now expanded to include many unpublished rare original documents held by the History Hill Museum.

A rags to riches story following the man most associated with the world's largest piece of gold that went onto set other world records. One of the main reasons for this manuscript was to detail all, as a result of many supposed or so called prominent historians who have made statements to say 'Holtermann was a house of cards, owed money everywhere, about to go bankrupt when he died'. A perfect example of invented history to gain recognition, a tall poppy syndrome, and as far from the truth as possible. Hence the reason for writing this book to correct previous misconceptions, misinterpreted, and under researched work.

Holtermann was an extremely active multi-tasking person who strove for perfection. The need to perfect clouded his historical record. Many attempts to do the same have resulted in most historians stopping at the first port of call which in most cases was the last along the information trail. If the majority of information in print re Holtermann was correct this book would not be necessary.

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