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Remote Saver for XP ORX, Deus and Deus II

Remote Saver for XP ORX, Deus and Deus II

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The Sound of your XP Remote hitting the concrete makes your heart beat as you bend down to see if your screen is cracked or worse.

But not with the Remote Saver from Aussie Detectorist
Suits XP ORX, Deus and Deus II

The pictures explain what this little fella does. 

We Include some cord so you can lengthen the "Too short" factory one on Deus II and because you won't have any if you have an orx or Deus Original.

Just cut to length and attach. Its Nice and easy to do.

If it saves you once it was worth 50 times the cost of it!

The Handiest Gadget for your XP metal detector you didn't know you needed until Know.

Order today.


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