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Preservation Wax

Preservation Wax

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Artifact Preservation And Enhancement Wax, Restore and protect your best finds.

Your finds are special and we all have those items that are looking a bit worse for wear and for being in the ground for so long.

This Preservation Wax will allow you to stop further deteriation of your find, enhance its asthetic appeal and preserve the find for years and years to come.

29g of Mono-Crystalline Wax to help preserve, protect, and enhance any surviving details on Wood, Brass, Copper, Bronze, will protect Silver from tarnish and staining on Marble and Leather.
Museum grade wax for detectorists, collectors and archaeologists. PH Neutral (Non Acidic) will not damage sensitive material. It can also be used to protect photographs and paintings. Will not stain or darken parchment and paper. 

Ideal for Verdigris on Copper based objects. (That bluey Green stuff you see growing on your pennies) The preservation wax will stop the spread of verdigris by denying it oxygen.

A little of this wax goes a long way.
To apply, simply rub your clean finger tip onto the wax back and forth, this will slowly melt the wax onto your finger. Once warm, carefully massage the balm onto your artefact or coin. This product will not only enhance what details are there but will also preserve the artefact by encapsulating with a micron thin layer of wax that will set glass clear with absolutly no discolouration. Additional layers of wax will add lusture and even greater protection. The perfect protection of the viberent patina found on copper coins.


Important information.

Ensure your artefact and coins are 100% dry before applying the preservation wax, otherwise you will risk trapping moisture within the item and may cause further damage.

Preparations before application for best results.

After you have dug your coin,  leave it in a dry place for a minimum 1 week to allow moisture to dissipate. 

Do not wash under the tap as this will destroy any patina. When you are confident it is dry, use a toothpick, composite cleaning pencils and a dry brush to remove all dirt and loose debris. At this stage you're ready to apply the preservation wax. Add as many applications as you require for the look you want to achieve.



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