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Minelab SDC2300 Enhanced Package deal

Regular price $4,500.00 AUD
Regular price $5,121.00 AUD Sale price $4,500.00 AUD
Tax included.

Minelab SDC2300 is a small gold Legend, but combine it with one of the Coiltek Gold extreme 11inch coils and the gold will start to get bigger and deeer.

Ok you've cleaned your patch with the SDC ad standard 8 Inch coil, But what about the bigger stuff at depth?

Well you could spend the $$$ and get another machine or you could bolt on a bigger coil and chase some depth.

The Coiltek Gold extreme 11 Inch is the largest width Coil in the range so will give you the best depth advantage. So at Aussie Detectorst we are Incuding it in this 'Enhanced' Package deal.

You'll also get the foot attachment to allow you to use the 11 inch coil and we throw in an extra Lithium Battery as well as a back Up.

Package contents Incudes;

  • Minelab SDC2300 Gold detector with Headphones and Lithium Battery.
  • The 11 Inch Gold extreme coil from Coiltek ($390)
  • Foot attachment Kit ($72)
  • An Extra Lithium Battery Cell ($80)
  • SDC Carry Bag/Backpack ($80)

All this for Just $1 Over retail price on the SDC 2300.

Total Price $4500