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Guaranteed Minimum Gold Paydirt Bag

Guaranteed Minimum Gold Paydirt Bag

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Get your Pan On! Enjoy the Gold panning experience at home with Aussie Detectorist Gold Paydirt.

Grab your Bag today, Pan it off slowly at home and see what you get!

Or combine it with one of Aussie Detectorist Treasure Dirt Bags for a full adventure!

We have laced gold into these paydirt bags, plus the dirt was sourced form gold baring country. You never know!

Gold weights will vary per bag the guaranteed minimum is 0.30 grams per $55 bag.
So a $220 Bag would give you a minimum 1.2g

The Paydirt source itself varies at Times, we try and make it challenging and not too easy to get your gold. And we only get dirt from areas we know fine gold is located so you never know.

Each Bag has been hand weighed for gold content and we GUARANTEE you will get gold in each and every bag.

Take your time panning the dirt and we recommend panning it off in tub or clamshell pool so if you do "throw a bit over the edge" you can simply re-pan the tailings to get it.

Sometimes there is SUPER fine gold in the dirt so make sure you do pan it at least twice but we recommend at least 3 times just to make sure.

Having NO GOLD in the second pan is ideal, as this means your panning skills are on point and you recovered it first go.

Aussie detectorist paydirt, You won't get rich but You will get HAPPY.

Discount on second bag at checkout.


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