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Gold and B.O. Holtermann DVD

Gold and B.O. Holtermann DVD

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Gold and B.O. Holtermann DVD

By Malcolm and Daphne Drinkwater

This documentary DVD contains over an hour of information covering every aspect about gold.

A straight to the point documentary with all the answers. Gold and B.O. Holtermann covers a lot of territory unveiling the secret of how and where to find gold, the history behind the world’s biggest piece of gold and much more. The first of five segments, Planetary Gold, covers gold’s origins. While Seek And Ye Shall Find looks at the practical side of fossicking and mining the elusive yellow metal. Gold’s Historical Tendencies focuses on both the American and Australian gold rushes leading in to Buried Treasure as a real record to tell a better story than written words can say. Finally, B.O. Holtermann is The Legacy and reveals not just one but a second huge piece of gold that remains on record as the world’s largest.

This documentary, written by Malcolm Drinkwater, is jam packed with every aspect about gold – from the creation of deposits to deposits in the bank. Fifty years in the making, the research for this project is based upon the main questions most often asked about gold, culminating in a visual feast to simplify many unanswered questions.

If you can trace your family back at least four generations on the eastern side of Australia, then you will most likely have had at least one forebear who dug for gold in Hill End which is the template used for our presentation to explain the rise and fall of a goldfield.

Over an hour, we have concentrated a lifetime’s knowledge in to a simple easy to understand language. A must for students, gold enthusiasts and those with a general thirst for history.

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