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Doug Stone Gold, Coin & Relic Book

Doug Stone Gold, Coin & Relic Book

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Whether you're young, or young at heart, treasure hunting is something that can bring families together!

In the 'Gold, Coin and Relic Detecting in Australia Book', expert Doug Stone discusses everything from where you're likely to get a good haul, to even identifying just what you've dug up. It even has a handy guide to which Metal Detectors work best for which area!

This book is written for Australians, but a legend in the metal detecting world, Doug Stone.

It has chapters on:

  • Targets;
  • How metal detectors work;
  • Detector operation technique;
  • Specialised tools for coin and relic extraction;
  • Choosing a Treasure Hunting Detector;
  • Where to hunt;
  • Research;
  • Themes to stimulate your research and trip planning;
  • The Law of Finding and Treasure Hunting Ethics;
  • Identifying your find and
  • Presenting your Collection.

It is a fantastic all round book covering a range of topics. A perfect gift for a detectorist.

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