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XP DEUS II Dive Shaft for more control underwater.

XP DEUS II Dive Shaft for more control underwater.

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S-Telescopic Dive Shaft

DEUS II Dive Shaft: The first telescopic S-stem designed for divers!

This Dive Shaft has all the advantages of the patented XP stems. The ergonomics have been studied by our research department in collaboration with divers.

Instant storage and greater manoeuvrability than conventional stems. 


  • The handle is the same as the XP S-TELESCOPIC Lite handle.
  • The lower stem support is monobloc and specific for this shaft.
  • The stainless steel camlock pin holding the pressure plate is replaced by a plastic pin, to avoid being detected by the coil.
  • This stem is 75 cm long when extended; 45 cm when collapsed.
  • Weight 285 gr.
  • On the holder a new connection point has been added to attach lanyard from remote control.
  • This stem is also very convenient on land for children up to 1m20.

XP DEUS II Remote and Coil are not included. Demonstration photos only.

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