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Coiltek GOLDHAWK Coil Minelab GPX 6000 3 sizes

Coiltek GOLDHAWK Coil Minelab GPX 6000 3 sizes

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Introducing the GoldHawk Range of coils, Specifically designed by COILTEK for the GPX6000. Minelab Approved.

GoldHawk Coils come in three sizes and fit straight to your GPX 6000 without any modifications. Just bolt them on and enjoy a smoother ride.

Simply Bolt on and enjoy The incredible sensitivity, manouverability and Quality.

There will be  no other aftermarket coils available for the GPX 6000 from other manufactureres for quite some time. So Don't wait any longer, order your coiltek Goldhawk Today.

Three Sizes to choose from:

10 inch x 5 inch MONO coil:
- This is the perfect coil for those areas where grass, sticks and leaf matter are getting in the way. The small narrow coil can navigate through grass tufts, rocky areas and get into those tight spots the bigger coils simply can't physically fit into.

9 Inch Round MONO Coil:
- Pick through Mullock heaps, Rockpiles and Tailings piles with Increased sensitivity to the tiniest of targets. Grab the gold the others missed with this super sharp Goldhawk coil for your GPX 6000

14 Inch x 9 Inch MONO Coil:
- Cover some ground and still maintain that unbelievable sensitivity the GPX 6000 is known for. This is the perfect coil for those more open areas Like Tibooburra and those large surfacing we see so often in the goldfields.

Coiltek have a proven History of improving the finds rate for a wide range of metal Detectors.

I personally use these on my GPX 6000 and the factory mono coil hasn't been on for a while. From my experience the 6000 Runs smoother with these coils attached with no loss of sensitivity or Depth. I'm Impressed with the depth capabilities of the little 10x5 for such a small coil.

The Latest GOLDHAWK Metal Detecting coils for the GPX 6000 are no different, choose your size and bolt on a CoilTek GoldHawk coil Today.

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