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Gray Ghost Headphones for most metal detectors, upgrade your audio today.

Gray Ghost Headphones have long been known for their quality build, quality sound and for being far superior to the stock headphones that came with your machine. Hearing those GHOST signals is essential to your treasure digging success.

 Lets face the facts, most of the stock headphones that come standard with your metal detector aren't that flash. Most have very low quality speakers and cables and it won't be long before they fail, probably right in the middle of a hunt.

Good headphones are essential to your success and the Gray ghost line of headphones has been designed and manufactured in the United states to provide the best quality audio for your metal detector, even when your underwater!

  • High Quality Cables
  • High Quality and strong connectors, (most headphones fail here)
  • Superior speakers
  • Comfortable Muffs and Padded headband
  • Fold away design for easier storage in between hunts

There are a wide range of headphones to suit just about every detector out there .Each one has been designed to give you the best chance of hearing those "GHOST" signals and making sure you give yourself the best chance of making that find of a lifetime.

The NEW Platinum series is also available which gives you an upgrade in the speaker package for even sharper and clearer audio response to targets.

Combine your Gray ghosts with a good booster for a complete audio overhaul of your detector.

Take a look through the range and in a lot of cases you can even go wireless audio! All Gray Ghost wireless is run on the 2.4Ghz wireless protocol, these are NOT Bluetooth and suffer no lag.

If you have any questions then please get in touch.

Happy hunting


gray ghost headphones

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