Gold Detectors are they different to metal detectors?

Will a gold detector find coins? Will a coin detector find gold?

2 very common questions in our store is will an entry level metal detector find gold? and do the expensive gold detectors ONLY find gold?

I'll try and give you the explanation we give to customers, because we hope you'll become one of those soon.

ANY Metal detector has the capability of finding gold, its that simple. if it detects metal it detects Gold. Simply because GOLD is a metal. Makes sense hey.

Where it gets murky is when we define the word Gold, as it covers many many things.

Gold can be found in many forms.

  • Tiny Tiny Specs that you need a gold pan for
  • Natural Nuggets of all sizes and shapes from a 1/10th of a gram to kilo's
  • Small Jewellery items like earring backs and bracelets.
  • Large Items like rings and necklaces.
  • Ingots, blocks and melted chunks
  • Inside rocks like quartz and ironstone
Gold detector

See Gold is not just gold, it could be a ring or a Nugget or even a rock!.

gold detector nuggets

Gold also Varies in Pure gold content. 

Natural Nuggets can be anything, Gold Jewellery comes in many Karat types.
For example 9K Jewellery is less than half gold.

So Gold is weird, and the weirder and smaller it is the harder it is to find.

It doesn't really give a specific number or tone on your detector, as the different types and sizes all seem to react differently under the coil.

If you're looking for gold jewellery then your average coin machine will do the trick just nicely. In fact any machine that can tell the difference between rusty and not rusty will work. The more high end one will let you narrow the search and dig less trash. 

But seriously if your on the beach or in the park just about any metal detector will do.

beach gold detector

BUT if you're looking for gold nuggets then it gets a bit weirder still.

Gold Nuggets are mostly very small and by some horrible geological rule they seem to appear in the most mineralised soils of all time.

Mineralised soil is simply dirt that has had a lot of mineral heavy rock break down in it like iron stone for example. This creates and almost impenetrable barrier that common coin machine just can't break through.

That's when your high end Pulse induction Gold detectors come in. The ones that cost many thousands in some cases.

These machines use a different tech than your average coin machine and are able to peek through that layer of minerals to find gold nuggets.

They also Find Lead Pellets, tiny bits of iron and every other type of metal. They literally find everything in the worst possible conditions. That's why they cost a fair bit more than your average coin machine.

But what if you want to find coins with your gold machine at the park?

Here's a simple analogy.

Let's say there is a $2 coin in the ground next to a coke can.

The Mower driver sees the can and runs it over with his mower spreading it far and wide in tiny pieces. In the area where the $2 coin is.

With a good quality coin and relic machine you will be able to go through that patch of chopped up can and literally pick out the $2 coin. You may dig one or 2 of the bigger bits. But you'll get the coin pretty easy.

With your hyper sensitive gold detector you will find every piece of the can no matter how small. In fact you'll find enough of it to rebuild the thing at home. You'll get the $2 coin, But you'll dig 100's of bits of can too. they are just too sensitive for the park or beach.

Make sense?

So if you're into metal Detecting or thinking of getting into gold detecting in particular I suggest you get a hold of a few machines with different tech and have a go.

It really makes so much difference when choosing a gold detector to choose the right one for your budget and needs.

A coin machine for $1000 is not the machine to take to Western Australia for your big gold trip, Choose the right one!

If you're looking for a good daily driver and occasionally go out on gold, then buying a Gold detector makes no sense. Buy a good coin and relic machine and hire a quality gold detector a couple of times a year.

Coming on a gold experience has been helpful for may many people looking at purchasing a gold detector.

We have Nearly 10 machines from entry level to the $9000 Gold detectors and you get to try as many as you'd like.

Nothing equates t0 experience in the field and getting a feel for a gold detector before you buy it.

Look up a gold experience and try some machines before you commit.

OR If your already pretty keen, give the lads at the shop a ring and they can walk you through the final decision process.

It's our job to make sure you get the right gold detector, so get in touch and let's make it happen.

Have fun out there

Clegy and the team at Aussie Detectorist.


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