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XP ORX Metal Detector for Gold, Coin and Relic

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So your looking for a Metal Detector that can find both Gold Nuggets and that can be used on Coins and Relics as well.

WELCOME To the XP ORX, a Machine that is just as effective on gold nuggets as it is on the coin and relic machine.

ORX has a 5 Year warranty supported right here in Australia.

IN STOCK and Ready to Detect!!

Australian USER Finds with XP ORX and XP Deus.

XP Deus and ORX on the Gold

ORX Gold

ORX Big Gold

Some may have heard of the XP deus metal detector. It is the one that looks tiny, has no wires and yet is at the top of the game in the coin, relic and jewelry hunting market. the ORX Uses this DNA to bring you an affordable and simple to use metal detector every bit as powerful as its big brother the XP Deus.

The XP ORX is FAST and I mean FAST, with its adjustable recovery speed you will be able to hunt the most trashy areas and cherry pick out the best targets. Using the white HF coil that is standard with the ORX you will be ale to use frequencies from 13khz right upto 81khz. (The lower frequencies for your coin and relic work and the beach, the higher frequencies for hunting gold nuggets)

The ORX has 4 Built in programs.

2 programs to help you find gold and 2 programs to help you find coin and relics. It also has a SALT mode for the beach and 2 empty slots where you can save your favorite settings for next time.

The ORX is designed to be used in just about any location and because it is so light and Tiny you will be able to basically take it anywhere. Seriously the XP ORX will fit in the pocket behind your seat in the car it's that small!

Here is some Information about the ORX from XP metal detectors in France.

  • HF coil technology (21 Frequencies ranging from 13 to 81kHz).
  • 4 factory programs : Gold Prospecting (x2) Coins and Relic (x2) + 2 user modes.
  • Trusted XP fast wireless technology: Coil Remote Headphones.
  • The all new WS Audio® compact wireless headphone receiver.
  • Re designed ultra-light Telescopic “S” stem.
  • Still the lightest at only 765grs (with remote hip mounted).
  • Easy to operate with a user-friendly menu.
  • Wireless connectivity to the MI-6 pinpointer.
  • Lithium battery, giving up to 23 hours of battery life.
  • Available with a choice of HF coils 22cm or 24/13cm elliptical.
  • NOW Available with the X35 coil range (22, 28, 34/28cm).
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Made in France.

XP ORX Metal Detector

ORX Metal detector from XP

Download the USER Manual HERE to get a real idea of what's inside the ORX.

WHO is the ORX Suited to?

The beauty of such a versatile machine is that just about anyone can use it. At 765 grams and with the fully adjustable stem it could be used by your grand-kids or even your grandma, It is super versatile.

The ORX is a High end Beginner -to- Intermediate metal Detector that will allow you to find GOLD, Coins and Jewelry in just about every setting.

The easy to use menu system suits those that don't like to complicate things too much. You can simply switch the machine on, choose a program and start metal detecting.

There are however enough adjustments and toys to play with that you won't outgrow the ORX in a few months time. It will grow with you and allow you the time to LEARN the machine properly.
That is the key to finding more treasure, allowing yourself enough time to learn a machine thoroughly.

The other awesome thing is that when you do decide to upgrade to the XP deus Down the track, ALL your ORX coils will plumb into the Deus system seamlessly. To be honest when its upgrade time you could simply add the XP Deus remote and use your existing ORX gear! The Deus Remote even clips straight onto the ORX stem!!

NO OTHER metal detector on the market offers this level of flexibility and ease of upgrade.

NO OTHER Metal detector on the market offers you such natural progression between models.

As with all XP products it is about LONGTERM ownership and all XP metal detectors come with a 5 year warranty AND 10 year parts GUARANTEE!

There are 2 ORX Models to choose from so which ORX is best for you?

Its a pretty easy decision really,

If your more of a coin and relic person who may go to the goldfields on the odd occasion then the ORX with the ROUND 9 Inch HF Coil is for you. The extra width will give you a depth advantage over the elliptical coil and the round 9 inch is great for hunting in high trash areas as well.

If your more of a gold person that may not even do coin and relic then the ELLIPTICAL coil is a no-brainer. Being a bot narrower it handles the hot ground better and also separates like a champion. It is perfect for picking the ferrous out of the non ferrous (the gold from the iron) and the iron probability scale will help you deal with hot rocks fast.

REMEMBER ALL of the XP coils are compatible with the ORX so later you can add a specialist low frequency X35 coin and relic coil at any time. Knowing full well that if you do decide to go to the higher end XP deus all your coils will be still be usable.

Choosing Your ORX Coil:


XP ORX Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long do the batteries last per charge and Overall?
A: You'll get around 18-20 hours per charge for the batteries and with proper care will last you many many years. Some deus users are going as long as 8 years without the need for new batteries.

Q: Can the ORX handle the HOT Australian Soil?
A: YES It does well in hotter soil although there are some areas that will not suit any VLF detector. The One button Ground grab Make balancing easier and threshold and IAR help identify the non ferrous targets.

Q: Can the ORX Find coins and relics as well as gold?
A: 100% YES it is one of the few machines available that will allow you to flick from coin programs to gold programs. The ORX has 2 Gold modes and 2 coin modes making it the perfect all-rounder.

Q: I'm New to detecting will it suit me?
A: The ORX with its nice simple menu system allows to learn both the machine and the hobby at your own pace. ALL 4 Programs are great straight out of the box and you simply need to switch the machine on, Balance and go detecting.

Q: How do I charge the ORX Up?
A: a cable is supplied that allows you to charge all elements of the ORX anyway you charge your mobile phone. Its a simple USB set up. Deep cycle batteries and car chargers are fine.