XP Deus Australia Test Days

Your Opportunity to take an XP Deus for a test swing and ask questions face to face with an Authorised XP deus representative in Australia.

2016 ROAD TRIP Starting Soon!

I'll be very blunt as that is my way, the XP Deus has been treated very badly in Australia in the past. As a result Thousands of detectorists have missed the opportunity to try one of the most powerful VLF detectors on the market.

In the US and the UK the deus is going NUTS!

It has featured in many magazines, articles and thousands of YouTube videos. Andy Sabisch has written a book about them and sells out classes all around the US teaching people to use their machines.

BUT Australians have been missing out! They have never had a Dedicated Distributor that only deals in Deus UNTIL NOW!

In 2016 the Deus is re-launching in Australia and due to the lack of a dealer network is hitting the road to come and see you.

Deus Dayz will be held around Australia in 2016 to give as many people as possible the opportunity to test the Deus in the field and grill the distributor for information.

NEVER Before in Australia has a company committed to the XP deus like we have!

The Mission is NOT to sell as many Deus units as possible, although opportunities to purchase will be offered. The Mission is to get genuine feedback on the Deus and spread the word that the Deus is back In Australia with a support network to back it up.

Here is how the Deus Dayz will run.

  1. Clegy, That's me, will set up in a location that allows testing of the Deus. Think park, beach or even private area when available.
  2. You'll get an email about the next location in the newsletter or you can see the next EVENT on our Facebook page.
  3. You show up at the location and begin grilling me with questions and when a Deus unit is available go for a test swing. Book to make sure there's one ready for you.
  4. Go for a test swing and then Come back and grab a cold drink or a cuppa if it is cold.
  5. I will then get some feedback from you and perhaps a photo for social media with your permission. I may even ask you to appear on Video for a quick feedback session if your comfortable doing that.
  6. You can then ask any further questions and choose to hang round a bit or head off with your newly acquired knowledge.

It's a pretty Informal thing and will be flexible as possible to meet the needs of as many detectorists in the area as possible. There may be several locations in an area over a few days if needed.

BOOKINGS will be appreciated and you can Guarantee that you get a deus to use, I can't keep opening Boxes to let people test them, I trust you understand.

You can email me with the Booking request, Text message me or even just ring up if you want.

Some personal and smaller sessions may be able to be arranged in certain circumstances. I am also very happy to attend a club meeting and do a presentation for your members if required.

As Mentioned this is pure Publicity and not a sales push, so don't feel you will be pressured in any way to invest or do anything other than experience the Deus and hopefully tell a few people your impressions.

I look forward to meeting you in Person and answering your questions about the Deus and about the company behind the re-launching of the brand in Australia.

See you there Peeps


P.S. On a personal level, As a New player to the Australian Metal Detecting scene I lack reputation. No-one really has had much do with my company or myself in this area and this is the reason for taking Deus on the road.

It is as Much about letting you get to know the Deus as it is about letting you get to the know the aussie bloke behind the scenes of the brand. I am not a famous detectorist NOR have I operated in the detecting industry before.

I simply saw one of the US and UK's TOP selling metal detectors getting treated poorly in the Australian Market. For me the timing was right so I made a commitment of both cash and time to the brand and have been rewarded with this unique opportunity to re-launch the deus in Australia.

Yes I need your help to get the word out there it is just that simple, whether you buy or not is irrelevant.

The important thing is you see the Deus in Action LIVE and the maniac behind the brand and hopefully you tell a few people about my detectors and myself. Good ole fashioned word of mouth is my goal.

You'll come to see I do things differently than most and that my obsession with customer happiness and satisfaction is not just a string of words but a built in philosophy.


The NEXT Deus Dayz test day is below or reach out on social media or use the contact form to suggest a location or request a club or group presentation.


Facebook Event Page:

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Please Help spread the word and post to your favourite forum, metal detecting group or social media site. Your help is greatly appreciated.