Pre-Orders Conditions

Pre-Orders are Offered on this site on selected products in the store. Below are the terms and conditions of pre-orders. Please read carefully before participating in the next pre-order.

What is a Pre-Order?

We place bulk orders from different manufacturers several times a year. A Pre-Order is your opportunity to place an order for a particular product JUST BEFORE we place our bulk order. Hence the term Pre-Order, You order just before we do.

ALL Pre-Orders are Clearly Marked as such and cannot be confused with a normal order of the products we have in stock that are delivered immediately.

There are Advantages and Disadvantages to participating in a pre-order. Below are listed some of those advantages and disadvantages.

Again please read these carefully before deciding to participate in a pre-order. Some will find the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, others not. We hope this allows you to make an informed decision either way. 

ADVANTAGES to Participating in a pre-order:

  1. GUARANTEED Availability for that product. If you pre-order we then ADD Your Pre-Order ON TOP of our main order. basically we order it just for you and your product piggy backs our shipment into Australia.
  2. Get your product First when the shipment arrives. The first thing we do when a shipment comes in is isolate and fulfill the pre-ordered items. 
  3. Stress Free importing, we do all the customs clearence, tax payments, declarations etc.
  4. It also gives you better security as we have an established shipping channel and professional shipping agents. Your also FULLY INSURED at no extra cost to you.
  5. DISCOUNTS and SPECIAL OFFERS: Because we do NOT have to store and handle pre-orders very much we can offer discounts and special offers for pre-ordered items. It takes some hassle out of our business and we pass the savings to you.

DISADVANTAGES to Participating in a Pre-order:

  1. It can feel like a long wait. Some of our suppliers have 4 week lead times, meaning it is 4 weeks from us placing an order with them until we see the see the products. If you order at the start of a 2 week pre-order then you may have to wait as long as 6-7 weeks to get your gear.
  2. You cannot cancel in some cases. Some products are very specialised and can be hard to move on, if you order a product in a pre-order it is a commitment to buy. Unlike a retail store that can be cancelled and refunded in minutes, a pre-order cancellation can be more difficult. If you buy in a pre-order your getting the gear no matter what.
  3. You get to participate in all the delays and hassles of international shipping. Example: Once my shipment was stuck in Bangkok for 72 hours for no apparent reason other than someone could not be bothered loading it on a plane. Add 2 days in Paris and the freight took 5 extra days with weekends etc it was over a week. ARRGGHHH.
  4. Payment is Up front for pre-orders, so it can feel like you have made a donation rather than purchased an item. There is NO Instant gratification with pre-orders.

These make up the main advantage and disadvantages to pre-ordering from our experience. Pre-ordering is NOT a new thing and it is done by many companies.

Our Commitment to Pre-Order customers.

  • Best Price Guarantee. You will get the best price we can offer as we do not have to store and handle your goods many times. Pre-Order prices are Guaranteed at least 10% lower than the store retail price. Sometimes we add value rather than discount. so in some pre-orders you'll get some juicy freebies.
  • Communication Guarantee: Pre-order customers get a weekly email letting them know how the shipment is progressing. We keep our customers upto date with the shipment and any delays or changes are communicated immediately.
    If you need to ask anything you can also contact us at anytime during the waiting period to make enquiries. 
  • Insurance Guarantee, We Insure every shipment against loss. If your product is damaged or lost it is covered under our policy and will be replaced.
  • 8 Week Max Guarantee or a REFUND is offered. If we cannot supply within 8 weeks (The maximum time it can possibly take to get products into Australia from our suppliers.) You get the option of a 100% refund on your item. So far this has never happened, but just in case this is the policy.
  • Pre-Orders get posted FIRST. In every shipment. pre-orders are the first products to be sent. We commit to sending your products within 24 hours of receipt to our shipping facility in Australia.
  • PRICE Locked in Guaranteed. Currency values are one of the biggest unknowns in importing. Once you lock in a pre-order the price is Guaranteed not to change no matter what currency shifts occur. 

Pre-Order is a great way to get your gear at a great price and avoid the pitfalls of trying to buy from overseas yourself.

Communication is key and as mentioned we will keep you in the loop regarding the shipment and expected arrivals. 

The window for delivery is very wide at the start then narrows as time goes on and we get more information to better predict the shipments arrival dates. Every change will be communicated in the weekly update email.

We encourage you take advantage of pre-orders, but be aware of the disadvantages as mentioned above. 

Make sure your comfortable with everything BEFORE you commit and if you have any questions please ask them BEFORE you place the pre-order. Use the Contact us page and we will answer any questions you have.

Pre-orders are not suitable for those that have no patience. It can be painful and to be honest as an importer I spend many sleepless hours when my freight is in transit as this is the time it is most vulnerable to delays and problems.

The important part about pre-orders is NOT to stress, I do that enough for everyone and I pay shipping agents and custom agents to stress professionally on my behalf.

The Team has your back on pre-orders and our commitment is to make the process as painless as possible, at least for you.

Questions etc can be asked HERE.

Kindest Regards,

Justin Cleghorn
Chief Buyer