Download XP DEUS Metal Detector Information and Manual.

Download XP DEUS Metal Detector Information and Manual.

Download some Information on the XP Deus Metal Detector and see if it could be the next detector in your arsenal.

Information is what helps us make informed decisions. This page is a resource of downloadable information on The XP Deus metal Detector including the Manual.

It will allow you to look into the specifications of the XP Deus and have a read of the manual to get a good feel for what the detector is capable of.

Some things in the Deus manual will make no sense to you as you may not own one yet, but you can also see hundreds of videos of the XP Deus in Action and some excellent ones taking you through the settings.

There a few features that are NOT in the Manual as that are in a hidden "Advanced" Menu. These features are for Deus Users that are used to the machine and want that extra bit of information.

The Hidden XY Axis feature is amazing and is a very good way to check if your target is worth digging.

I hoe you enjoy the Downloadable XP deus Information and that you can make use of it in Deciding of the XP Deus metal Detector is for you.

Download the XP Deus Brochure HERE

Download the XP Deus Manual HERE

To See the Range of XP Deus Metal Detectors Just visit the Home page. 


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