XP Deus HOT and COLD Settings, try this on your next Hunt.

XP Deus HOT and COLD Settings, try this on your next Hunt.

XP Deus HOT and Cold settings, try these settings out on your next hunt, its a great starting point for most areas.

Credit: Gary Blackwell 

Here are 2 programs you can set into your deus and use them as a starting point for most hunts. There are 2 specific settings options, so you may want to add them into an empty slot on your remote.

XP Deus "COLD" Settings.

COLD simply refers to the area you are going to hunt, cold ground is an area you haven't searched before and your looking for the HOT spots or areas of high target concentration. It is also very good for Coin shooting and relic Hunting.

The COLD program is a modification of the Goldmaxx Power program in the remote Unit. (Program 2)

HOT again refers to the area you are hunting, the HOT program is excellent for when you have found your area to hunt and want to get the most out of the area while leaving the undesirable targets where they are.

The HOT program uses the Full Audio capabilities of the Deus and gives you a very distinct HIGH tone for those deep silvers and relics.

Lets get these programs into your Deus and you can start using them straight away and modify them while on the hunt to get the most of any particular area.

Deus COLD Program settings:

Go to the GoldMaxx Power program as this is your starting point. If there is NO change mentioned to a particular setting then use the factory default.

  1. Load up the GM power Program. (2)
  2. Change the Discrimination to 6
  3. Go to tones and set 2 Tones. Then adjust your tones to Tone 1 (202) Tone 2 (702)
  4. Change your Frequency to 11.8khz.

Notice that this is very close the original program, but these small changes can have a dramatic affect on your Deus.

Deus HOT Program Settings:

This is based on the Deus Fast Program, again if there is no change mentioned to a setting use the Factory default.

  1. Load up the Deus Fast Program.
  2. Change Discrimination to between 0 and 5. Closer to 5 if you have trouble at first with the audio information and then lower it as your experience grows.
  3. Go to tones and set the Deus to FULL TONES.
  4. Iron Volume should be set at 0
  5. Audio Response 3 or 4.

This changes the program quite a lot and when you first start you use a discrimination of 3-5 until you sort out the audio information.

Both of these programs offer an excellent starting point for most hunts and you can adjust the settings as you go to get the most from the Deus and the area you are Hunting.

Give these Deus settings a run and see how you go, Very interested to hear your feedback and how your detecting is going using these 2 Programs.

Happy Hunting Detectorists


P.S These settings where developed by Gary Blackwell (Gary's Detecting in the UK.) He is a very experienced Detectorists and suggested to me that these settings would do well for Australian Deus Users.

Trialled the HOT program on my hated noisy beach and it changed the whole detector, very successful on the wet sand for this detectorist.

Results from a (Dig everything) wet sand hunt using Deus HOT program.
The little coin (lowest and by itself) is a 1920 threepence, solid strong tone and down about 8 inches.

XP deus Hot and cold programs

UPDATE The Deus Hot Program is now a standard program on Version 4.1 of the deus firmware.

Straight out of the box it is my go to program of choice.



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This is an amazing program and use it almost exclusively. When hunting with others, my totals usually eclipse the cumulative totals of others hunting same area. Try it you’ll like it!

Ralph Rinke

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