Why buy an XP Deus metal detector?

Why buy an XP Deus metal detector?

The XP Deus has started to get a small following in Australia after amazing detectorists in the UK. It is also gaining major traction in the US.

These are the reasons WHY you should consider an XP Deus detector for your detecting arsenal.

1. Extreme light weight means very little fatigue and even people with injuries are finding that the Deus lets them detect again and for longer.

Rather than quote the manual, here is a video showing you the actual weight of the machine.

 How much does your current detector weigh with all its batteries in?

Light weight means you can swing Deus for hours and not end up with a crook shoulder or to learn to use your other arm. More time detecting means better finds.

2. XP Deus is 100% Wireless, the cables are not hidden in the stem!

Being wireless you get extreme versatility in set up. Wear the Remote unit on your belt, put it on the stem, or even carry it in your pocket, it doesn't matter it works the same.

If you have the WS4 control unit/backphones then there is even more versatility with set up.

You can use the remote with built in speaker or turn the speaker off and use the wireless headphones. You can even leave the remote unit off and just use the headphones by themselves!

Wireless metal detector

3. Loads of Detecting Power, Deus is most often compared to the CTX 3030

Just the fact that Deus comes in comparison with the 3030 says volumes. many consider the 3030 to be the top of the VLF tree and in some cases the Deus will out perform it.

Here is an example video showing the deus's ability to ignore targets you don't want and show you the ones you do even at varying depth.

The video brings us to the next point nicely as it also ties in with this point.

4. Super fast recovery speeds mean target separation is easy and fast.

Many people do'n realise that the circuitry that sends and receives signals and analyses them is actually in the coil of the Deus. Yes the actual metal detector is in the coil NOT the remote unit. (Control box).

The Deus makes decisions and analyses signals at your feet, the information doesn't have to travel up a cable to a control box to be analysed. This is one reason Deus is so fast.

Even at Reactivity (recovery speed) level of 2 Deus is has a faster recovery than nearly every detector on the market today. Turn it up to 3, 4 or even 5 and it leaves the rest behind.

5. Software Updates to the machine are FREE!

How many companies give you the NEW and Improved model detector they just released for FREE? Answer = XP Deus

When a new version of software is released for the Deus it is available to all Deus owners free of charge. Since Deus was released there have been several major upgrades and those that have had the detector since 2011 have upgraded each and every time for FREE.

When new features and capabilities are added you get them so you don't feel like your missing out by having the old model.

This also protects the resale price of the second hand units as every Deus is capable of running on the latest software.

There are many many more reasons that the XP Deus should be on your list of Detectors when it is upgrade time.

Wirless, Lightweight, versatile, powerful are all words that fit the Deus perfectly and by choosing a Deus your also choosing one of the most powerful VLF detectors on the market today.

Lightweight doesn't mean it can't pack some detecting punch.

Take a look at youtube, read the forums and get on social media. It is not hard to see why the XP Deus is taking the CTX 3030 on at its own game and in a lot of cases is winning.

Take care and happy Hunting.


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