XP Deus Australia, Recognising audio responses using your Deus.

XP Deus Australia, Recognising audio responses using your Deus.

When Metal detecting with the Deus, being able to recognise the different audio response is essential to make sure your digging the best targets.

In this "Live Hunt" Video, Gary Blackwell takes us through the different audio responses that we should be listening for when metal detecting with the XP Deus. Many people rely too much on the TID Numbers on the screen and not on the subtle audio responses which quite often give more accurate information as to what your target may be.

With a detector like deus you can also adjust many different settings to get clearer audio response and a better idea of whether or not to dig.

Gary makes small changes to reactivity, silencer and even frequency to clear up deep signals and improve the audio response.

Also the way you swing your coil can have a massive affect on its performance and what your finding. So as Gary says, "Be confident in your swing".

This video is Under 10 minutes and you'll probably go back to it just to listen to the tones and then compare those sounds to what your hearing. Sometimes the differences are subtle and we need to train ourselves to almost instinctively pick up those changes.

The best way to learn more about audio responses is to go out into the field and use your Deus, play with the settings, adjust the frequencies and unlock the true power of the deus.

As you'll see in the video, the deus is capable of a lot if your tuned in to the sound, wait till you see the size of the last find in amongst a heap of iron. If that doesn't convince you of the power of the Deus than not much will.

Enjoy The video and feel free to leave your thoughts on Audio response and how you use it in your metal detecting in the comments.

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