XP Deus Comparison Video's

XP Deus Comparison Video's

Compare XP Deus to other metal detectors on the market today.

Here are a selection of videos that show the XP Deus metal detector up against a range of other detectors from popular brands.

The Most common comparison is the XP Deus Versus the CTX 3030 as both these detectors are wireless and the cost is similar. (Deus is about $400 below CTX in retail price.)

The video comes from a range of people that are pretty experienced detectorists that know how to get the most from most machines.

Please watch the videos the whole way through as many have summaries and explain different things about how the results where achieved.

Enjoy the Videos



This First Video is a good example of how varying depths can have an effect on your detecting. About halfway through the depths are evened up and both detectors do well.
Bit of an eye opener if your hunting high iron area's like old home sites etc.
This uses the XP Deus and the CTX 3030.

CTX 3030 Versus XP Deus in an English Field.
Live hunting with both machines.


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