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G'day Deus Owners,
As many of you know I have become the National Distributor for the XP brand in Australia and specifically the XP Deus.
There have been several people/companies have a crack at the XP distributorship and for whatever reason have not continued on.
 This has left many Deus owners confused as to where they stand on their warranty and who to contact should something go wrong.
I have had several previous customers that bought Deus from one of the former distributors and have been left in the cold when they needed help. Some where just downright rude to the customers and this is not acceptable in anyway.
SO In order to provide Australian Deus Owners with the service they deserve I am compiling a database of all serial numbers and owners, so if something goes wrong you can quickly have the problem solved without the need to track down paperwork and try and get information from people that just don't care about you anymore.
My company is in this for the long Haul and over the Last 10 Months or so has seen the XP deus re-introduced to Australia and over 50 New Deus owners joining the ranks. The best Deus has ever done in Australia. (I say this not to brag, just to show the commitment level to building the brand in Australia)
The Warranty centre here in Australia is fully established and replacement parts are available for most of the common reasons people need them. So far it has just been clips, Batteries and advice. Deus seems to have very few warranty claims and in my time I have yet to have even One.
So Deus Owners Please get in touch with me and let's get you on the Owners list, record your serial Number and ensure your covered by the 5 Year warranty.
The contact form at http://detectorist.com.au is the preferred method, But PM on the forum is fine as well or Facebook messenger if your into that side of things (Aussie Detectorist).
 The important thing is to get your details recorded.
Please Understand this is not a marketing thing in anyway, you'll not be placed on a marketing list and the only time you'll ever hear from me is if you contact me first or if there is a critical reason that XP owners needed to be contacted, such as a firmware upgrade.
The Information is stored on a portable drive that is NOT connected to the internet, along with my all my private digital information that I secure in this way. The drive lives in a small safe bolted to the floor and I never record any payment details such as CC numbers etc. Those that order by phone have all my had little "Privacy Lecture". I actually care about this side things.
So Reach out to me when you get a chance, I just need:
Place and Date of Purchase: (even it was from France):
Scan of receipt if available:
Your State: ( I don't really need your address until I need to send you something.)
Your SERIAL Number(s): Some people have 1 serial number for the entire package, some may have 2. Please check your coil and remote unit for the serial numbers and send both if they don't match. Non Matching doesn't affect you in anyway.
If you bought it second hand still do this please.
Ok That's It. You don't HAVE to do it, but it would make life way easier for everyone if you do.
As mentioned I am just trying to set up the database for easy and hassle free warranty claims should you need them and it is my goal to provide the best service where I can. So being able to quickly grab your purchase information means warranty claims can be dealt with as fast as possible with minimal downtime.
Thanks All appreciate the Help.
P.S If you know someone that has a Deus, Just print the image below and give it to them for me please. That way if they aren't socially connected they can still get their details in. Thanks In advance.
You can also save the image and email or text it. :) :)

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