XP Deus II as Used by Michael Oliver on LJR Worldwide YouTube Channel.

The XP Deus II set up as Used by Michael on his YouTube channel, LJR Worldwide.

Lost Jewellery Recovery (LJR) is the YouTube Channel of Australia's Michael Oliver. 

Sydney Based Michael's adventures are recorded and uploaded to his 300,000+ Subscribers and you can see why so many find his work so fascinating.

 Michael is a professional Detectorist and along with YouTube and other Online projects he has a jewellery recovery business as well. So, when he needs to find a lost Item fast, Michael Now turns to his XP Deus II to get the job done.

The XP Deus II Continues the tradition of the original Deus Metal Detector and packs a ridiculous number of features and power into a compact, Powerful metal detector that can be used at depths up to 20 Meters.

The beauty of the machine is that it seamlessly transitions from the salty depths to be one, if not the best treasure and coin hunter available on the market today.

14 in Built programs mean even the novice can switch on and go by simply choosing a program to suit your conditions.

Hunting the beach? Try one of the 4 beach programs.

Looking for deeper targets, then the DEEP program is where you need to start.

Each of the programs is outlined in the Deus II manual so you can easily see what differences each program has.

The XP Fast Multi Frequency is also adjusted in each of the programs to make sure you are getting the right frequency bias for you desired targets.

If you're not sure why this bias difference matters, you eventually will. For now, just pick a program and go detecting.

Here is Michaels Latest Video, Some amazing finds by a professional Detectorist Using Professional Equipment.

Build your Deus II Package right HERE!

 Build your Deus II Package right HERE!



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