XP Deus 2 Remote ONLY Now available, Just add bone conduction for 20M Underwater.

XP Deus 2 Remote ONLY Now available, Just add bone conduction for 20M Underwater.

The XP Deus II Metal Detector is Now available in the remote only version, ready to add your preferred Wireless headphones or bone conduction for diving.

The best Bit is its Under 2 Grand and you can have a 9 or 11 inch coil, it's the same price! Just pick the one that suits you best.

Coil hint: Go the 11 inch for max depth and ground coverage, especially on the sand or open fields it's perfect.
Go the 9 Inch if your more of trash basher and like to take on the trasy iron infested sites out bush or the mega modern trash areas in parks etc.

The early adopters of the XP Deus II Metal Detector have found out that the littlest and lightest metal detector on the market is also one of the most powerful.

Fast Multi Frequency has brought the Deus II to new heights or should I say depths, as that has been one of the best features of the new machine. Ability to ID targets at greater depth.

Combined with many many other tweaks and additions and the Deus II becomes a very tempting machine.

Oh, We haven't mentioned that the machine is 20 METERS waterproof too, so no worries about dropping in the drink or chucking in the wetty and tanks and going treasure hunting. The deus II is ready to go out of the box to 20M just add the bone conduction for crystal clear audio.

So Here a quick Run Down of the XP Deus II RC Only package.

The XP Deus II Remote control has 14 In Built programs for switch on and go performance. Including a specific Gold field Program and 4 beach and underwater programs as well.

Each program in the XP Deus II RC Unit has different Multi frequency Bias to suit different detecting conditions and to suit the goals of the day. Example if you want to see what you might have missed at depth try the DEEP Program. Got a trashy area? Try the FAST or sensitive FT Programs.

There is an in built ready to go program for every occasion right at your fingertips.

The in Built Speaker will provide audio until you decide which way to go with headphones. It has volume control and of course doesn't need to be hooked to the shaft so you can hold it to your head if the surf gets too loud.

The headphone options are coming soon and you will be able to add your choice of 

  1. Bone Conduction Backphone waterproof to 20 Meters. (Available NOW)
  2. WSAII Wireless backphones
  3. WSAII XL Wireless headphones

These headphones will complete the kit if you require them and will cost between $149 and $269.

This is your chance to swing the world's lightest, fastest and most highly developed Multi frequency metal detector money can buy.

DON'T Side step, UPGRADE!!

XP Deus II Remote only metal Detector available NOW.
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