XP Deus 2 In Australia, is this Fair Dinkum?

XP Deus 2 In Australia, is this Fair Dinkum?

Hi Folks,

Hope while you are reading this you're doing well.

As many of you Know I have been using an XP Deus original for a reasonably long time. 6 and bit years in Total. I came from the Xterra series and after the initial Holy CRAP of the Deus 1 It literally became my best detecting friend.

I LOVE my Deus and because I have had it so long I'm pretty bloody good with it too. No, Not the best operator in Australia on a Deus but I go alright hey.

The Deus had 2 things about it that I always thought, "If they could add these features this thing would be incredible". It didn't affect my detecting that much, but I really really wanted a waterproof deus I could run in the wetsand comfortably.

So I wanted a waterproof Deus and a stable wetsand program and I would have been very very happy.

In Late 2021, I mean Late 2021 I stayed up all night to sit in on the International Launch of the XP Deus 2. This was a Backroom Launch and only select people from around the world where invited. Somehow I got one of the Invites?

The Launch Started a Bit slow as The background of XP was layed out for us. Not being a smart arse here but I know all this and I just wanted to see the product. It was like 2am or something.

So the first feature they announce is Fast Multi Frequency (FMF) and they explained the different uses of FMF throughout the factory programs in the Deus 2. 

YES, Deus 2 uses different FMF Bias throughout the programs. So if your looking for depth, use the program that has the right FMF Bias to start with.

So we had some Multi frequency action and even an explanation of how different variations on what frequecies where being used had been utilised. At last I actually had a good insight into Multi frequency and how it actually works with your Detecting.

Next the BOMB Dropped!

Not only was Deus 2 waterproof it had a 20 Meter rating.......... Just read that again...

And then just to say "We know what we are doing" they maintained the 5 year warranty!

YEP a 5 year warranty on a Machine that goes 20 meters down. Find me a waterproof anything that has a 20 meter rating and a warranty of that length. 
There simply is not another metal detector that will back its quality like XP Will.

So There it was, FMF and waterproof to the next level!

I had to wait another few weeks before I had my Demo machine in Hand. But I finally Got a Deus 2 to play with.

First use we filmed an unboxing etc and while doing that I heard the Deus 2 for the first time. While filming I had a tone that on a deus 1 would be a penny. I said as much to Jacob.

After we finished filming we went back and sure enough, an Inch deeper than the pointer was a 1936 Penny. The first Deus 2 target in Australia!

From then on I have used the machine for about 40 hours. Not a lot really, But I have a business to run and a Life to live. So I managed to get about 40 hours in the parks, on the beach and yes I ran it in the gold fields around Hill End too.

I have one thing to say about the Deus 2. YES you can quote me on this.

The XP Deus 2 is a FREAK!

At the beach it is quite, and Punches harder than Tyson in the wetsand. 
3 200mm Scoops to get Number 2 ball sinkers and they are not small signals!

In the gold fields it runs very well, it gives loads of 00 Readings as it identifies Mineral deposits and iron targets. When you get non ferrous you get a positive TID. No more of the 98/99 00-03 Rolling around on iron stone.
Its either Ferrous or Non ferrous and thats the exact thing you want.

Going around in the park or Bush it has massive depth and super accurate TID Numbers to go with it.

Go back to the first target I ever dug, I knew it was a penny even though I got tricked on depth. I thought 3-4 inches tops, turned out to be about twice that.

So I am going to say that if your looking to up your coin and relic game then the Deus 2 is your machine.

If your looking to up your underwater game then the XP Deus 2 is your machine.

Chasing gold and need a VLF style machine that can work the trash patches and out the shallow non ferrous, then DEUS 2 ticks that box as well.

Right Now There is NO better all round metal Detector in Australia than the XP Deus 2.

Time will tell if I am right or just full of Hot air. 

Watch the social pages as the XP Deus 2 is in the hands of the first batch of users world wide and what I am saying is being shown in their posts.

XP Deus 2 it really is the only way to go if your looking to upgrade or come into the Hobby at the very top of the tree.



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