Why are Bilge Pumps in a Newcastle Metal Detecting shop?

Why are Bilge Pumps in a Newcastle Metal Detecting shop?

Bilge Pumps on the shelf, ready to go in Newcastle. 1100, 2000 and 4700 GPH. 100% compatible with your boat and your sluice run!

Looking for a new bilge pump for your Boat in Newcastle? Then duck over to Aussie Detectorist at Mayfield west. We carry the highest Quality, Fully Guaranteed Bilge pumps from Gold Rat Engineering. From Just $37.

Introducing the Bushman's Bilge Pump.


  • 3 Year Australian Warranty with Gold Rat Engineering
  • Meets or exceeds RoHS, SGS, and ISO standards
  • Traditional operation by switch or float switch
  • Entirely submersible
  • Snap-off strainer base for easy maintenance
  • Pump and switch are stand alone products
  • Sealed efficient, long life motors    
  • Run dry capable for normal workloads
  • Quiet operation
  • 110°F (43°C) temperature limits
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Anti-Airlock protection
  • Exclusive moisture tight seals
  • Marine grade blocked wiring

We Carry The 1100 GPH the 2000 GPH and the Big Boy at 4700 GPH
(GPH = Gallons Per Hour, 1 Gallon = Approx 3.8 Litres)

These Pumps actually move the water they are rated for and are super Efficient, Quiet and draw as Little power as Possible.

So why does a metal Detecting shop in Newcastle carry Bilge Pumps for your Boat?

Some of our Customers are Boaties too. In Fact Fishing and prospecting have a very similar mindset and a high proportion of our customers love fishing.

However the bilge pumps are used a bit differently to what the Boaties are looking for.

We Prospectors use bilge pumps NOT to get rid of excess water but to collect it and use it to clean gravels and dirt to find gold.]

Essentially the bilge pump supplies the water flow for sluicing and highbanking dirt. Its a modern take on old way of finding Gold.

Boaties and prospectors often spend a lot of time away from civilisation. So they need reliability and quality products as a failure can be a REAL disaster.

That's why the Gold Rat Engineering Bilge pumps are built to last with a 3 year AUSSIE warranty and High quality componentry throughout. You'll Know your Bushman's Bilge pump is there when you need it.  

Bushmans Bilge Pump

Gold rat Engineering

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