The Minelab GPX 6000 Gold detector, what makes it so special?

The Minelab GPX 6000 Gold detector, what makes it so special?

January 2021, Minelab announce the release of the latest Gold detecting machine, the GPX 6000, the next evolution in the Legendary GPX series.

Minelab have quite simply dominated the dedicated gold detector market for a long time right across the world. Innovative, powerful machines that are finding smaller and deeper targets.

But as the GPX series rolled out the timings, settings and adjustments became very complex. YES you could make these GPX series machines do extraordinary things but you really needed some serious experience to get the most out of them.

The GPX series turns the Powerful Pulse Induction metal detector into a very simple to use machine that takes care of a lot of the fine tuning all by itself.

Minor adjustments are constantly being made by the machine to make sure it is running in optimum mode all the time. Less time thinking about the settings and if you have them right and more time digging holes and retrieving targets.

As we know finding gold can be a numbers game and the more holes you dig the  more gold you will find. so more time on the Pick and less time on the control panel is a win for gold prospectors the world over.

The weight of the machine has also been addressed, with modern lithium batteries delivering better power from a way smaller cell and a machine that has undergone some weight work and now comes in at a tiny 2.1kg.

If you have swung a GPX 4000,4500,5000 with a decent coil on it you will know that the shoulders and the back can take a hammering while you work on your match fitness.

NOT with the GPX 6000, it is well balanced and can be run with a small harness if needed. No need for the big bulky harness of the 5000 or even the 7000.

So where does the GPX 6000 fit into the range of Minelab metal detectors?

Well it fits right between the top of the rage GPZ 7000 and the Current GPX 5000.

Minelab GPX 6000

You can see the Tagline on the picture above, All Gold, All soils, All the time!

This is what stands the GPX 6000 out from the current crop in that the machine will work out its optimum settings for you. No need to try and decide the right timing and right combination of settings, the GPX 6000 works most of that out for you.

With the launch of the GPX 6000 we will see very powerful technology but without all the switches, settings and complications of some of the other machines in the range.

Are you ready for switch on and go gold detecting?

Then the GPX 6000 is probably your next gold detector.


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Thank you very much a lot of good information and knowledge well worth reading


Was looking at getting the sdc however do you think waiting for the 6000 will be worth it, rough idea on price? I assume it will be priced between the 5000 and the 7000, closer to the top end probably


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