Personalised Metal Detecting and Prospecting Package deals Just for you

Personalised Metal Detecting and Prospecting Package deals Just for you

When looking at Metal Detectors it can be confusing about which one to get and which accessories you may need along with the machine.

At Aussie Detectorist we take the confusion out of your buying experience by providing personalised advice to suit your detecting situation.

Not only do we make sure you are buying the correct detector (NO a Gold Monster 1000 is not for the beach, a common question we get.) We make sure you get the correct accessories and extras that you're probably going to need.

Lastly we put everything into a package deal and make you an offer to get the whole lot in 1 delivery or pickup.

Our Package deals are very well received by detectorists, but sometimes the deal just does not suit. In some cases people own 1 or more pieces of the equipment and don't need to buy it again.

In the store at Mayfield West we regularly do this for our customers. We put together the deal right there on the counter and offer some great savings.

But our online customers don't have the same luxury.  UNTIL NOW.

Here's How to get your personalised package deal.

Just browse our website and note down all the things you would like to include.
Use the Wishlist feature to add the items and easily keep track of them. You can do this without registering

It doesn't have to have a metal detector involved, we can do this for any combination of products listed in the store. There are over 300 products to choose from and any can be added to the deal.

Once you know what your after or if you need some advice on one or more of your selections, simply pick up the phone and dial 0467 614 701 during business hours and ask Andrew, Jacob or Clegy to personalise a deal for you.

Don't want to ring?

That's Fine, You can simply use the chat button on the bottom right to do exactly that. Just click the button and list the items your chasing in the deal.

How EASY is that to get a great deal on what your after.

No Pressure, No Hassles, Just an opportunity for you to package up some items together and make a saving.

Ok Get on the Job, Use the search feature or head to the HOME page to get started.

Talk soon.

Andrew, Jacob and Clegy
(The Deal Makers)
Aussie Detectorist.

HINT: Grab a Mate or 2, combine your purchases and save $$ on upfront cost and Postage. 

1/11 Riverside Drive 
Mayfield West NSW 2304
0467 614 701 or hit the "Chat with Us" Button Bottom Right. 

Our Current Package Deals are Located HERE

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