NEVER Buy another Battery for your Garrett ATPro or AT Gold again!

NEVER Buy another Battery for your Garrett ATPro or AT Gold again!

Good quality AA Batteries are NOT cheap and you need to be using the best quality to get the best from your Garret AT, But what if there was an alternative to expensive AA batteries.

Fact Number 1, If you be a cheap skate on AA batteries it will save you a few bucks today but your detector will not be running at optimum performance and the cheaper the battery the more the AT likes to eat them fast.

STOP Feeding the Machine expensive AA batteries and put an RNB Innovations Garrett AT Power plus battery pack in your machine.

  1. They are Lithium-Ion batteries so last longer than a set of AA's
  2. They are re-chargeable FAST.
  3. They provide high quality CONSISTENT Power Release
  4. They are made SPECIFICALLY for the Garrett AT Range
  5. They take away the need to EVER Buy another AA battery.

 Power plus battery for garrett atpro and atgold

RNB Innovations are a US based company and specialise in making aftermarket battery packs that far exceed manufacturer supplied units.

Many Detector manufacturers for some reason have not embraced the Lithium-Ion technology and as a result often supply an inferior battery pack.

The manufacturers that have moved to lithium-Ion have been able to make their detectors lighter, more powerful and longer lasting in the field. This is to the benefit of all their customers and being able to hunt for days on a single charge is a very good thing.

Li-Ion Batteries also charge very fast and the power plus pack can be charged to full capacity in just 2- 3hours. No over night charges or 8 Hour waits to go hunting again.

The Li-Ion battery packs also NEVER Develop battery memory so you can re-charge them at anytime for a top op or even interrupt a charge to go hunting of the urge grabs you.

Another great feature of the Li-Ion battery is the way that it discharges Power. The Li-Ion Batteries discharge power at a consistent rate right to the very end. They then drop off very fast.

What this means is that your getting the FULL Power to your detector right until the very end of the power cycle. This gives you maximum Detecting Power the entire time your using your detector.

Cheaper batteries especially often give you full power for a short time then slowly die as they go flat. You don't notice it on your machine as it still has the power to run it, Just NOT Run it at its maximum potential.

Poor batteries could be costing you finds and costing you depth! Its a Fact.

So having the very best power supply for your Garrett At pro or Garrett AtGold means that everytime you turn it on your using EVERY BIT of potential your detector has.

Put a Power Plus battery in your Garret AT today and enjoy NEVER having to feed the AT another AA battery again.

The powerplus battery pack is:

  • Lithium-Ion
  • Designed in the US by RNB Innovations
  • Designed Specifically for the Garrett AT range. 
  • Is rechargeable in 2-3 hours
  • Lasts longer per charge than a set of AA batteries.
  • Discharges in a way that gives you MAX power till the very end.
  • Eliminates the reliance on AA batteries.
  • Saves you a stack of money in the long Run!

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See the review by Andy Sabisch at the link below.

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