History Seeker - A Poem by an Aussie Detectorist

History Seeker, a Ode to the seeker in us all.......
by Clegy,
An Aussie Detectorist

In fields of whispers, where secrets lie,
Beneath the vast, unending sky,
A seeker walks with eager stride,
With metal detector, by their side.

They roam the earth, with patient grace,
Tracing trails of time, in every place,
Their eyes keen, their spirit afire,
Unearthing tales that never tire.

With every sweep, a glimmering hope,
That buried treasures shall elope,
From depths unknown, they'll see the light,
Revealing history, shining bright.

The detector hums, a melodic sound,
As it dances across the hallowed ground,
Seeking relics of forgotten past,
Lingering echoes that forever last.

A coin from yesteryears, gleaming gold,
Whispers secrets yet untold,
Perhaps a button from a soldier's chest,
Or a trinket that once adorned a vest.

From Roman emperors to pirate's gold,
The tales they tell, both new and old,
The treasure hunter, a silent sage,
Unearthing fragments from a bygone age.

They find not only artifacts rare,
But stories of people, their joys and despair,
A window into lives of long ago,
Preserved in soil, waiting to show.

With every discovery, a connection made,
Between past and present, in a serenade,
For in the humble act of metal detecting,
A passion ignites, deeply affecting.

So let the seeker wander far and wide,
Across the landscapes, side by side,
For in the depths, a history lies,
Waiting to be discovered, under open skies.

Now go forth good seeker and lets see what you Uncover,
May it make you happy over and over,
The Joy in the dig is just the start,
As we treat every find like Fine Art


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