Help Aussie Detectorist Take on the Big Brands!

Help Aussie Detectorist Take on the Big Brands!

The Australia Post Peoples Choice Awards are on NOW and with your help Aussie Detectorist can take on Australia's biggest brands and show them what the little guy can do.

We Entered the TOP Category so we are competing with some pretty major brands. The idea is do a "TOM GLEESON" and take down a major award by simply making a lot of noise about it to get votes.

(Tom won a Gold Logie on the back of some awesome promo's against some massive names, he is also one of my fav comedians and has been for a very Long time)

So That's the inspiration.

Just to give you an idea here is last years Finalists. I think you'll recognise a few.
koh Australia
Naked Wines
Pillow Talk
The Iconic

So that's the level of competition we are up against. I don't think we will win, But the goal is to get the Aussie Detectorist Brand into the finalists list.

These brands will use there considerable budgets to get Votes, they have millions of customers and every one will be asked to Vote. So I expect some pretty tight competition.

Aussie Detectorist will spend its entire $100 budget on Facebook ads and then leave the rest up to the crowd. After all its a PEOPLES choice award, Not a marketing competition.

So let the people speak!

Vote for Aussie Detectorist and you go into the draw for 1 of 5 x $2000 Holiday vouchers from Australia Post. That's is their prize offering not mine. LOL

WHY do you want to do this Clegy?

In all Honesty Just to see if it can be done. I see these type of awards all the time and major brands always win. It means absolutely Nothing in the BIG scheme of things, other to stoke my already over inflated ego and see if our little brand can make some noise with our audiences help.

Its a case of WHY NOT, Rather than Why.

To Vote use the link below or you can use the QR code, you probably know how they work now. 

Share it with some friends, get them to vote as well and let's see if Aussie Detectorist Can get an Invite to the Finalists Dinner and be in the running for Australia's Favourite Brand.

 I really do appreciate it, thank you so much for casting your vote.
Please remember to ask your friends and family to chuck in a vote as well, it only takes a minute or so.


Aussie Detectorist.

Vote for Aussie Detectorist

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I admire the enthusiasm and avago attitude 😂 go get ‘em 🍻cheers

Michael Egan

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