Gold Rat Sluices, Highbankers and Dream Mat Now available in Newcastle NSW

Gold Rat Sluices, Highbankers and Dream Mat Now available in Newcastle NSW

GOLD RAT, Australia's premiere brand of Sluice, Highbanker and the Manufacturer of the almost legendary Dream Mat is Now available in-store at The Aussie detectorist shop in Newcastle NSW.

The water has returned to many area's on the goldfields of NSW and it might be time to think about getting into the wetwork again.
(Please check the local regulations as to what equipment can be used.)

The Gold Rat Range of River sluices is a great way to start when the water is flowing.

NO Pump required as you use the natural flow of the water to clean the dirt away and leave behind a dream mat, Hopefully, filled with Gold.

The Golf Rat River sluices are available in a few different sizes depending on your needs and how much dirt you want to throw through it.

The Gold Rat BackPacker sluice is a very portable option that can be used in the smallest of streams. Its only 150mm wide and 565mm Long. It weighs not much over a kilo and be carried into the remotest area easily.

These small river sluices are way faster then the humble gold pan and can clean buckets of Pre-classified dirt surpringsly Fast. In a 2 Person team, 1 Collecting dirt and pre-classifying, the other washing that in the Gold rat BackPack sluice. You will be surprised at how much you can process.

Gold rat 6 Inch Back Pack Sluice

The 6 Inch BackPack sluice is also fitted withe the Dream Mat Mini, so you know if there is gold in your dirt it will stay in the dream Mat.

There are more sizes of Back pack sluice as well.

8 Inch, 10 Inch and 12 Inch if you really want to have a crack. The 10 and 12 inch ranges allow you to use a shovel to load. So you can really get some volume through.

Probably one of the Most Popular of the Backpack range of river sluices from Gold rat is the 888 Model.

It has been designed to be super efficient with Dream mat Mini fitted standard, but by being 8 Inches wide and 88cm long it allows you to process some serious dirt.

The beauty of the 888 back pack sluice is it is just so versatile, light and easy to use.

Aussie Detectorist is the proud stockist of Gold Rat Products in The Newcastle and greater hunter region.

We carry a big range of Gold Rat Sluices, Highbankers and dream mat accessories.

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