From the Australian Gold Fields to 20 Meters Underwater in the Ocean, Deus 2 ticks all the boxes.

From the Australian Gold Fields to 20 Meters Underwater in the Ocean, Deus 2 ticks all the boxes.

XP Deus 2 can now claim to be the most versatile metal detector on the planet no other machine offers such diverse usability.

Lets start with a machine that can be used to a depth of 20 meters in the ocean! Not only has the Deus 2 gone amphibian, the addition of the fast multi frequency allows for never seen stability in salty and wet environments. YEP the Deus now loves wet sand and water, who would of thought! LOL

The engineering alone to make 20 meters possible is actually pretty complex. I won't deep dive on it in this article but truly the ability to get something to function at that depth AND still be useable when your up in the park or out on the gold fields is Incredible. Look It Up, Over 3 Meters waterproof takes some work.
(Short story is that it's a pressure thing, hence the 2 plugs.)

People say to me, I don't want to go 20 Meters down.
EITHER DO I! But would you like option of going deeper than 3?

Now throw in the Bone Conductor headphones and you have a machine that can also retain complete audio quality at depth. Ask anyone that dives with a detector at a bit of depth how bad the audio is.

So Underwater box is well and truly ticked!

xp bone conductor headphones

Now lets talk Multi frequency.

I touched on Multi frequency and Deus 2 brings FAST Multi Frequency, FMF, to the game. A short explanation on the benefits of multi frequency is hard but the best short one I can give is that a multi frequency machine retains its target accuracy at increased depth.

Sinlge frequency machines tend to lower the TID for targets the deeper they are. Multi frequency Don't suffer as badly from this.

With Deus 2 I am accurately Identifying 1 and 2 cent coins at depths of 2 inches OVER the length of my Mi6 Pin Pointer. If you have detected for a while you'll know how hard it can be to ID a deep target BEFORE you dig it. FMF is deadly accurate in the short time I have been using it.

So Deus Now gives us the much loved Multi Frequency and adds that to the 20 Meter waterproof capability. Its starting to look pretty versatile.

Lets move on to ground balancing and how does the Deus 2 Handle the Mineralised soils of Australia.

The original Deus is amazing at handling the hot ground. Keep it balanced and it can be a very efficient small gold hunter in some pretty rank ground. It just takes some persistance and time to learn what to listen out for in the audio. No It aint Quite and it shouldn't be its a VLF!

Deus 2 adds another Level of stability with the Multi frequency added in. It has so many ways to ground balance that I would need an entire article to explain them all.

Let me just say that "Ground notch balance" changed my life on the Original Deus, Not many discovered it. But in Deus 2 its easy to set and it actually eliminates the ground altogether.

Did I mention Magnetic ground Elimination? Oh well another time for that.

Instant ground grab, Tracking, Manual, Ground notch and Pumping cover just some of the ways to get your Deus and deus 2 Balanced.

In short the Deus 2 can handle any condition you throw at it, It won't run silent because it's so powerful it detects Mineral concentrations, you'll just need a little practice to start monstering the small gold.

So Its 20 Meters waterproof, Has Multifrequency and can ground balanced to the point of completely eliminating ground noise. How are we going on the versatility scale so far?

XP Deus 2


Lastly lets take a look at some of the other features that you get Standard on an XP Deus 2.

- Completely wireless with 4ms lag time. The BEST Low Latency Bluetooth is 40ms so yep its super responsive with ridiculously accurate pin pointing.

- Its target recovery speed is simply stunning. NO Machine can seperate targets like a deus and the Deus 2 takes that next level and adds accurate TID number at depth.. Dial it down for the deep targets, dial it up for cutting the trash. You think your machines is fast, wait till you see what Deus fast means.

- The XY Screen is retained, If you don't know what it is, look it up. In short it can actually help you identify single metal objects of uniform shape with ease. No More Twist tops and rusty bottle caps.

- Or Just switch on the Bottle cap Mode, it's built in.

- 12 Factory Programs that for want of a better term have been DE-Europeanised to make the Deus 2 out of the box an Aussie and American killer. Program 1 will do, but wait till you try the actual Park program! No more adjusting hammered coin programs to suit our style, they are pre-programmed in.

- 2 Beach modes that you don't even need to retune as you transition from wet to dry sand. Its quite and provides some pretty decent depth in truly trying detecting conditions.

- a MONO Mode that allows you to unlock the true depth potential of single LOW frequency detecting. You think you can get deep pennies? Try 3.7 khz, 1 reactivity and slow your swing up. Take your stand up digger is all I am saying.

- A remote that can last for upto 30 hours between charges, yet you can pump up the power so much you can drain it in 6. I actually find this quite amazing that you can punch that much grunt into the ground.

- Takes up NO space and can actually fit in the seat back pocket of most vehicles. Deus 2 Just like the original is very very light.

- Has retained a 5 Year warranty even though users are allowed to use it 20 Meters deep! Now that takes confidence in design to be able to offer that. Just that fact alone should cement how good Deus build quality is. 100 % in house, they even press their own circuit boards.

So the Deus 2 is designed to be your main machine for at least the next 5 years and with the XP 5 year warranty and 5 year parts availablity guarantee you can look longterm ownership square in the Face.

Imagine how much you'll have found with 1 or even 2 years experience on a machine like the Deus 2.

I'm 6 years in on the original and I can tell you that owning a deus gives you confidence bordering on Arrogance. The Deus 2 goes over that borderline and not just by a little.

Seriously Don't side step with your new machine, UPGRADE and the Deus 2 is really the only next step in Multi frequency metal detecting.

Enjoy and I look forward to your comments and questions below.

Longterm Deus Tragic.


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Hi Adrian,
Not this time mate, Its a ground up rebuild and the internals are quite different.
Deus Original will still be supported for a long time to come, they have the Longtime certificate which is 10 year parts guarantee.
Thanks Adrian Say G’day to the old boy for me.


Clegy I have the Deus 1 is it possible to purchase the Deus 11 controller to turn my Deus into the 11 ? Just wondering cheers, Adrian

Adrian DeAthe

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