Advantages to XP Deus Version 4 and High Frequency Coils - Video

Advantages to XP Deus Version 4 and High Frequency Coils - Video

XP Deus Version 4 is out and in Full swing. But with the release of the Video below a few hidden surprises where revealed and some of the feature enhancements where explained.

These are the Official XP Metal Detector Videos explaining Version 4 of the Deus, The high frequency coils (with an awesome demo) and the MI6 Pin Pointer.

Hope this helps explain a few things.

Did you see the Interesting Little thing about program 6 and 9?

I guess that's the advantage of having an updatable machine, the software can be customised and the best bits kept while upgrading other features around them.

Really Surprised me that bit of Info.

Here's the next Video and why a High frequency XP Deus coil could unlock finds in your most hunted out areas. 

Great Demonstration of the power of using higher frequencies in areas that you have hunted before.

There are certainly targets around that are not being detected due to their orientation in the ground. This could be a side ways Thrip bonanza!!

With the amount of pennies that where dropped surely the much smaller thrip is out there in numbers but being so thin and small it can be an elusive little bugger to find.

Not anymore.

Now the last piece to the XP Deus version 4 Puzzle, the MI-6 Pin pointer that integrates wirelessly with the Deus and can give you upto 90 hours field use between charges.

Here is the next level in Pin Pointer design the MI-6


 A Really nice bit of kit to use and the rubber grip makes it easy to handle in any situation.

The other benefit is that the MI-6 can be bought in parts like a car, if the grip wears out you get a new one, if you loose the cap no problem! Replacing seals etc is easy and with some basic maintenance the pointer will last a long long time.

I hope these video's explain some of the advantages of XP Deus version 4 and why I think that we have the most versatile VLF detector available in Australia today.

Experience the power and flexibility of the XP deus all in a machine that weighs less than 900 grams.

Happy Hunting


Xp Deus Kits available at the link below. 

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