XP Deus Abuse, Watch the Deus take a beating and survive!

XP Deus Abuse, Watch the Deus take a beating and survive!

The Deus Metal Detector is very lightweight and to be honest looks very flimsy when you see it in videos and pictures.

Had a few questions about the strength of the components and have they sacrificed some robustness in order to lose weight.

The best way to answer any questions you have regarding the Deus and how strong it is this video.

Now I won't recommend you do any of these things, I will NOT be replicating that's for sure, but it sure does show you how robust the Deus detector is.

 XP Deus is Now available in Australia FULL TIME.

Factory Support and the Limited 5 Year Factory parts and labour warranty are of course included.


Check out the range and look out for the new releases in 2016 as we expand the range and cater to all Deus users in Australia.

Happy Hunting



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Hi Bryan,
You can get the 3.2 from the XP website mate and download it your control box. If you need a hand just call me and I’ll walk you through the process.
Videos are on youtube, No subscription needed to watch.

Thanks Mate


Hi , is there such a thing as an 3.2 update for the Deus, If so how do I get it,at 86 sometimes it takes a while to sink in!!!!! Also I get sick of users calling the DEUS the DUES even those who should have checked their article before it was printed.regards. Bryan

Bryan Atkinson JP

Hi Clegy; I am delighted to read that DEUS are now in Australia, I would like to see your video but I DO NOT subscribe to Facebook so how can I see what is available Bryan

Bryan Atkinson JP

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