Some Common XP Deus In Australia Questions answered Publicly.

Some Common XP Deus In Australia Questions answered Publicly.

Dear Detectorists,

G'day from Central Queensland.

I am excited, as it seems that the Detectorists in Australia WANT the XP Deus, they just want some support, help and some security knowing who they are dealing with.

What I love about the detecting Industry is that the people are fantastic in the main. Very helpful, Very Knowledgeable and willing to give a new guy like me a chance, providing I prove myself.

So here are a few questions that are popping up a fair bit and the answers I am giving. I hope this helps you to get to know more about the XP Deus metal detector and the Guy that you can get one off.

Firstly, the FAQ Page is under construction. I needed to have some FAQ's before I could compile them into a page. If no-one asks anything then FAQ's are kinda irrelevant. Sure I could make some up but would they be the questions people would ask?
(Yep I thought an FAQ page would be easy too. LOL)

This is the TOP Question

Why can't I access the Full Model range from your Store?

In Short: I don't have them, YET. I made a decision to go with the RCWS4 model to open the store as the window between Christmas and now is very very small. I did some very fast research on the market in Australia and it seems to me that this model would fit the most Potential XP Deus users due to it's flexibility.
It's not the cheapest XP Deus Configuration but it is the most versatile I believe.


What if it all goes Pear Shaped am I protected?

Number 1 you are protected to the full extent by Australian Consumer Law. If you use your Credit card or PayPal they also have built in Protection systems.

The Deus Units are IN-STOCK, The Store is set up so that if something is OUT-OF-STOCK you will NOT be able to add it to your cart and make a purchase. If It is not available for immediate delivery it is NOT for sale!

YES We Run Pre-orders from time to time when we are getting close to placing a BULK order. This allows you to order something that is NOT on the shelf and we will add it to our Bulk order to the manufacturer. The idea is you get 100% Guaranteed supply and we offer a small discount on pre-orders as it makes our life so much easier.

Your Pretty New, How can we trust you to do what you say?

We are new to the detecting business, we are NOT new to doing business and most importantly we know the value of customer service and word of mouth.

I WILL promise that I will do my absolute best to ensure your experience with us is memorable for all the RIGHT Reasons. I NEED you to tell your friends and family about me, so expect the best service it's what I do.

I Don't buy Online it freaks me out, Can I get a Deus Unit or accessories from a traditional business anywhere?

YES I am building the dealer Network, Currently XP Deus is on the shelf at the locations Below.

Lost treasures In Brisbane (Justin Millman)

Our Outlet is not open to the public as such, but we do welcome visits by appointment if you wish. We are in Yeppoon, Queensland which is about 40km east of Rockhampton. I am very easy to find, right in town. So Yes you can call me up and come over if you like and if you would like to TEST A DEUS then that can be arranged.

Warranty and Product Issues:

Please see the Service page for more information, as time goes on we can offer more service in this area but we always send repairs back to the factory to ensure quality.

These are the most common questions and will make the base of the FAQ page so far.

If you have any questions or Just want to have a quick chat before purchasing then do NOT hesitate to get in touch.

Email Me Use the contact Us page.
 all or text for a callback 0417 308 528  
8am-7pm 7 days for now.

Thankyou again for all the support, I share you feelings of excitement and nervousness but times that by 10 to get an idea of where I am at right now.

SUPER Excited for the rest of this year and into 2016 and beyond.

Take care, happy Hunting

Justin Cleghorn (Clegy)
This what I look like on a Pretty good day.


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