3 Main Advantages the XP ORX Metal Detector has over the competition.

3 Main Advantages the XP ORX Metal Detector has over the competition.

Many people are comparing the XP ORX to other metal detectors in the $1K-1.3K Price bracket. But what makes the XP ORX different from all the other machines in this category.

The Main Machines the XP ORX is being compared to are the Gold Monster 1000 and the Gold Kruzer. There are a few more like the new garret 24k (the old whites machine) but the Monster, Kruzer and ORX are compared the most by far.

Here are the three Main advantages I see to the XP ORX, Beside the fact the ORX is Just $999.

Main Advantage Number 1:

Adjustable frequencies:

The XP ORX with elliptical coil has 21 frequencies between 13khz and 81khz. It has a very wide band. In Fact its the widest band in the VLF range.
Adjustable frequency allows you to adjust the machine to conditions WITHOUT having to resort to lowering your sensitivity. It also allows you to use a frequency suited to what your hunting on the day. Low 13khz for coins, relics and larger deeper gold. 81khz for the tiniest of gold on mullock heaps and in creeks etc.

The competition have FIXED single frequencies, meaning your stuck on a single frequency no matter what the ground conditions are doing.

So 21 adjustable frequencies between 13 and 81 khz Versus 1 single frequency.
A massive advantage right there, giving you way more flexibility.

Main Advantage number 2:

1 Second Instant Ground Balance:

Gold machines especially need to be ground balanced to work at their best. The problem is the ground will constantly change as you detect and keeping your machine perfectly balanced can be hard.

Sure you can use Auto Modes but they will tune out smaller targets if you go over them a few times, so manual ground balance is always best. However the pumping of the coil and getting it set can be a pain to do many times in a day.

The XP ORX has a 1 second, 1 push ground grab button, its so quick you can re-balance your machine mid swing. Simply push the ground grab button and the machine re-balances in less than a second.

This ensures your running a well tuned and balanced machine giving you the best chance of finding those hard to get targets. Ground balance is critical and with the XP is one of the easiest things to do on the whole machine.

Main Advantage Number 3:

Accurate TID (Target ID) Numbers:

the ORX's Super accurate TID Number system allows almost perfect ferrous NON-ferrous discrimination in the goldfields and also allows you to cherry pick $2 coins like crazy in the park!

TID Numbers on a gold machine may seem useless but they are so important. WHY? Because it allows you another tool to make a dig decision that audio alone, often, cannot provide.
On the ORX if the TID Number starts with a ZERO it is iron 100% of the time, even if it sounds like gold in the gold program. ( a quick check on a coin setting will confirm this)
Can't get out the goldfields? No Drama use the ORX to hunt coins in the park, if you see an 86 and it doesn't low tone on the edge its probably a $2 coin.

Test some coins before you go and you'll be able to target specific coins no problem at all.

And then on the weekend, go and hit the mullock heaps for tiny gold. ALL With the SAME MACHINE!

These are Just the 3 Main advantages I have chosen to point out. there are many more like:

  • SALT Mode
  • Completely 100% WIRELESS
  • Its Under 880 Grams in total Weight!
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Folds down TINY and takes up no room.
  • Easily fits in a backpack.
  • 5 seconds from picking it up to having it deployed.
  • Under $1000!

If your looking for a Metal Detector that is at home on the gold fields, but can also give you the ability to hunt parks, historical sites and beaches then the ORX ticks every box.

It has both a Higher and Lower frequency than the competition and can be adjusted to suit just about any conditions in Australia.

The XP ORX has proven itself to be a an excellent choice for your next Metal Detector and with many features the competition simply don't have you can see why.

Call Us today to ask any questions or head over to the XP ORX page and get some more info.

0467 614 701 or here's the link 
While your there make sure you take a look at the ORX's big brother the XP Deus and take your detecting Next Level.

Remember every XP Metal Detector has a 5 Year warranty backed up here in Australia. So you know your getting a quality metal Detector as well as a very capable one.

Happy Hunting

Aussie Detectorist


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