Do I really need the XP Deus Remote control?

Do I really need the XP Deus Remote control?

The Popularity of the Deus LITE Packages have led many to ask the question, "Do I really Need the XP Deus remote control unit?"

For those that aren't familiar with the XP Deus it can be purchased with or without the remote control unit. This because the XP Deus is capable of running on the WS5 Headphones or WS4 Backphones by themselves.

xp deus remote unit

You see with the XP Deus the head phones are also a control box and can change the detectors settings like frequency, sensitivity, tones and ground balance it also allows you to change between the 10 pre-set programs.

The beauty of the XP Deus lite kits is that you can access the full detecting power of the XP deus without the extra expense of the remote control unit. It is not a cheap unit and retails here in Australia for $999.00.

The remote control adds a layer of features as well as the awesome pinpoint function, it does NOT add any detecting power as such. the XP deus lite is FULL powered already the remote just lets you fine tune it to really wring the most of any ground your working.

So to get the XP Deus Remote kit or the XP Deus Lite kit? That is the question.

I have 1 standard answer to my customers when they ring me and ask this question.

If you're buying your first ever metal detector OR you have been away from the hobby for sometime go the deus lite, If your upgrading from any other detector then get the remote control.

Here's why I use this standard answer.

When you buy your first metal detector your learning 2 major things:

  1. How to use this new Metal detector.
  2. How to metal detect in general.

Learning both at the same time is TOUGH. There are some basic skills that nothing but TIME can give you when you start metal detecting. So at the start it is best to keep it simple and the Deus LITE fits that bill perfectly while giving you enough power to grow as your skills increase.

With the Xp Deus Lite, You turn it on, pick a program number from 1-10 and start detecting. EASY as.

Once you get the hang of things you can then start to adjust the sensitivity, the frequency and play around using more tones to get a bit more out of the lite kit.

xp deus lite package

So why not just buy a cheap metal detector to get started then?

Simply because even for an experienced detectorist learning a new machine can take a fair bit of time, especially one as powerful and with as many changeable options as the XP deus.

By starting your journey with the Deus lite, you'll be 100% trained when you upgrade to the remote control and it will be simple to adapt to the new options.

With the basic detecting knowledge you learned on your Deus Lite machine you'll have a much better time learning the XP Deus remote and how to get the most of it.

The remote control really does offer a level of adjustment not seen on many metal detectors.

BUT this comes with its own pitfalls.

Many XP Deus users that have have the remote change loads of stuff trying to get the detector to work better, when often it is a subtle change that is needed.

The biggest problem with the remote is people changing things because they can NOT because they have to!

The 10 Factory programs are excellent and will suit 95% of people straight out of the box with little to NO adjustment. (They are all available in the LITE package as well)

It is when we want to experiment with programs like the DEUS HOT program that the remote comes into its own.

BUT if this is your first day metal detecting EVER and you use the Deus hot program you will probably cry as the information you will get back will make your brain explode trying to decipher it.

It is simply too big a step. By using the Lite package and becoming proficient using the Deus basics, when you load HOT and use it you'll understand the madness and will find you can actually decipher what the machine is telling you quite easily.

Its about small steps, Deus lite allows you to learn metal detecting with one of the best and most powerful detectors available. It allows you to learn the basics of the XP deus as well. Once you have the basics down then upgrading to the remote is a simple process.

My last point is this, if you can afford the XP Deus remote control unit upfront then GET IT!

Chances are Your going to be getting it at some stage anyway in the future, it is a natural progression and 90% of XP deus users make the transition.

BUT if you budget doesn't stretch to the remote units then get the Deus Lite, learn the machine and save your spendable finds up to get the remote later.

Remember the Deus lite and the Deus Remote unit kits have the EXACT SAME detecting power available! The biggest difference is the remote unit allows you to fine tune to just about any site or condition you can think of.

It is called the expert menu for a reason and really only those that have been detecting for a while will get the most out of it and take full advantage of the features the remote offers.

I hope this made some sense to you and helped in your decision. It doesn't matter what XP deus you buy as you'll know that your holding the TOP of the range in its field in either LITE or remote unit kits.

Start with the best and you'll never look back or learn another detector again!

 Happy Hunting

Justin Cleghorn


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Which one should I buy.gpx 6000,or xp deus.going around old fields and properties in qld.


I’m on the hunt for my last detector, finally chosen the lite as I cant afford the cash for full model and dont entertain finance.
This thread gave me all the back up information I was looking for in crystal clear form.
I have just pulled the trigger and purchased, I was thinking I would be left disappointed after spending all my cash, but I’m confident I have all relevant information, I’m happy with the decision to purchase and cant wait for my baby to arrive.
Much appreciate your well polished no BS thread.
Now I’m off to prepare for the last detector I will ever own

Hoard Hunter

Really helpful, thank you. I’m getting an XP Lite in a few days and wanted some clarification which you have provided par excellence!


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