TESTED MarsMD Pin Pointer and Land or Sea Pin Pointer

TESTED MarsMD Pin Pointer and Land or Sea Pin Pointer

G'day Detectorists,

I am always looking for new products that are not available in Australia and that I feel will offer value to us Aussie if we can buy them locally.

The supply Line to MarsMD is open and the first product that is available is the MarsMD Pin Pointer. It is a very simple to use pin pointer and is also a pulse induction machine.

The MarsMD Pin Pointer was used with a GPX 5000 and no issues where found when using these 2 machines together. As with many pulse induction pointers you may need to noise cancel it though.

The second Pin Pointer is the Land or Sea from Gold Diggers Innovation in the USA. This is a great value pin pointer and being 100% waterproof to 20 feet appeals to many detectorists.

It has more functions than the MarsMD but some like it very simple and the MARSMD does not come any easier. 1 Button for on and off.

Below is a bench test Video using the 2 pin pointers and Australian Targets of varying thickness and conductivity.

Both pin pointers are available in the store, just click the home page link to see the products.

At Under $150 they are very well priced and with free delivery they really are 2 of the best value pin pointers available.

Thanks all, and happy hunting



You can see both pin Pointers at the Link below.


Cheap enough to use a Back up, Powerful enough to be your main Pin Pointer.


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