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XP Deus X35 Metal Detector with 2 Coils and Wireless Everything STOCK CLEARENCE

XP Deus X35 Metal Detector with 2 Coils and Wireless Everything STOCK CLEARENCE

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Coil Size
WSA Wireless headphones

XP Deus Original Metal Detector TWIN Coil Package, Australia's most Sensitive VLF Metal Detector. Now with High Frequency Coil included!

This is INSANE! Over 50% OFF the RRP of 12 months ago!
XP Deus RC with Headphones WAS $1999 12 Months ago
XP High Frequency coil WAS $549 12 Months ago.
And we will Put it all in an XP Hardcase Valued at $229
Incredible Value while stocks Last


xp deus 2 twin coil pack

Backed by a 5 year warranty and a dedicated team right here in Australia, The XP Deus is becoming well known for a lot more than weighing under a Kilo.

  • XP Deus Original TWIN Pack with 11 Inch X35 Coil 
    and High Frequency 9 Inch Coil! FREE (Save $549)
  • STILL the lightest (987g - 887g) That's Grams!
  • STILL the only TRUE wireless metal detector
  • 5 year warranty 
  • Fully repairable for 5 more years AFTER Warranty.
  • GUARANTEED 10 year Service Life!
  • Now on Version 6 an Fully Updateable in the future.
  • State of the art technology.
  • Find out why every machine gets compared to this one for the last 10 years!
  • Backed by a dedicated Australian distributor of 8 years.

 Remember the XP Deus Metal Detectors have the actual Metal Detectors BRAIN INSIDE THE COIL!!! That's why they are so FAST.
The remote control is your interface allowing you to make changes etc.

The XP Deus Original now comes with 2 coils (Limited Time)
The X35 Black coil for max depth and the white 9 Inch Round High Frequency Coil coil for maximum target separation and sensitivity to gold.

If you are NOT sure which coil to start with then read this Article, (Opens in a new window). It will explain the Coils and what each one is capable of.

XP Deus Metal Detector Information DOWNLOADS

Download the XP Deus Manual For Version 5.21
Preview the settings and get an in depth look at the XP Deus.
Click to View and Save

Download the XP Deus Brochure that contains all the Technical specifications and details.
Click to View and Save.

General XP Deus Information and specifications.

Deus is innovative in terms of metal detector design as it offers an architecture based on three elements communicating via a digital radio link. In this new design the coil, remote control and audio headphones have each been made independent through the integration of very compact, high-capacity lithium batteries.

XP Deus Metal Detector in Australia

XP Deus Telescopic S-Shaped Stem

In-Built Settings ready to go:

  • 35 frequencies (4kHz ; 8kHz ; 12kHz ; 18kHz, 27Khz) + 7 shift plus/minus
  • Additional Frequencies Available via the INCLUDED! High frequency Coils.
    (14kHz, 30kHz, 55kHz, 81kHz) also 7 Shifts per frequency
  • Power and Recovery adjustable, Deus has 6 Speeds, you choose the speed that suits the site the best.
  • NEW BOOST Mode in 4khz for super deep large target hunting.
  • Audio Response, Iron level, Multi tone, Notch, Discrimination etc
  • Many advanced functions (Expert)
  • Ground balance: Tracking, Pumping, Manual, Beach
  • Motion and 4 non-motion modes
  • Extended discrimination range, with even greater precision for iron
  • Pre-configured factory programs (10 Switch on and go programs) and memory of personal programs


  • Wireless digital link, multichannel automatic (36 channels)
  • Ultra light detector: 987g Full - 887g without wireless control box (hip-mountable).
  • Remote Control pocket sized (hip mount case provided), held by clip support, graphic display with low power consumption backlight and intuitive screen.
  • 9" Carbon fibre impregnated 2D coil, both light and waterproof including coil cover Or Upgrade to the 11 Inch coil.
  • Wireless Backphone, rain proof, light and foldable (Backphone removable), with its own operation controls and screen, with transport case
  • USB standard protocol to recharge and download new software/update (via XP website)
  • Lithium battery, very compact (9g).
  • Battery life Coil: max 20h (depending on power and frequency)
  • Battery life Remote Control and Backphone: 27 hours
  • Fast and intelligent charger, Charge simultaneously all 3 elements (Remote control, Coil & Backphones in 2 hours)
  • Optional: Larger coil 34cm/28cm (13"X11") DD - Mini emergency charger - Car charger.

Warranty 5 years.

 If you have any further questions please get in touch using the contact Us Link at the top of the page or call the team 0467 614 701


Cheers and Happy Hunting


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