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XP Deus WS4 Lite Metal Detector package

XP Detectors France

XP Deus WS4 Lite Metal Detector package


XP Deus WS4 Lite metal detector package, the perfect way to get started with the Deus.

XP Deus Australia WS4 Lite

Why choose the WS4 Lite Package?

This is a great way to start your Deus journey. It has all the power of the full Deus Kits and is extremely light weight to use.

The WS4 Unit can be worn on your wrist, mounted to the stem or even carried in your pocket as well as acting as the headphones so it is VERY versatile.

The WS4 has all 10 Factory programs and you can adjust frequency, sensitivity, Discrimination, tone, Volume, change coils and ground balance. 

It also gives you VDI Numbers for a visual reference on your targets.

Can I add the Remote later when my experience grows?

YES you can add the remote whenever you like to the package.

Am I missing anything by going for the WS4 Lite?

Your missing the ability to change the "expert" settings on the Deus. These settings are the super fine tuning that experienced detectorists use depending on their situation.

This can actually be a good thing for those new to detecting and for those that don't want to make it to complicated the Deus has a LOT of settings and I know that when I started with deus I just made things harder by trying to change too much too fast. The lite lets you get used to the Factory settings before diving on the the expert ones.

The WS4 is also a headphone unit but can I use my own headphones as I have some pretty good ones.

Technically the WS4 is a backphone (it goes at the back of your head) But with the clip jack adapter you can take it off the backphones and add any aftermarket headphones. It has a 3.5mm jack which is a standard size.

This is What the Clipjack adapter looks like and how it works.


XP Deus Information and download Information. Grab the users manual and take a look or download a brochure and some technical information.
For General XP Deus Info Click HERE

    Please use the contact us should you have any Specific Questions.

     No I think I'll Step up to the Next XP Deus package with the Remote control Unit.

    XP DEUS with remote and 9 Inch (22cm) coil CLICK HERE

    XP Deus with remote and 11 Inch (28cm) coil CLICK HERE

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