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Le Crayon a Andre.

Treborius Wax

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Treborius Artifact Preservation And Enhancement Balm 29g.

A specific blend of paraffin waxes and oils that work together to help preserve, protect, and enhance any surviving details.
It has been designed by detectorist for detectorists and archaeologists.
To apply simply rub your finger tip onto the balm back and forth, this will slowly melt the balm onto your finger.
Once warm, carefully massage the balm onto your artefact or coin.
Treborius Balm will not only enhance what details are there but will also preserve the artefact by encapsulating with a micron thin layer of balm that will set glass clear.

Import information.

Ensure your artifact and coins are 100% dry befor applying Treborius balm, otherwise you will risk trapping 

moisture within the item and may cause further erosion.

Preparations before application for best results.

When your item has been excavated leave it in a dry place for a minimum 1 week to allow a moisture free item. 

Do not wash under the tap as this will destroy any patina on the item. When you are confident its dry use a 

toothpick and a dry toothbrush to remove all mud and loose debris. At this stage your ready to apply Treborius 

balm, you can add as many applications as you require for the look you want to achieve.